What are 5 general guidelines for using the band saw?

Safety Rules Safety glasses are required. Never clear small pieces while blade is moving. Never adjust saw or setup while saw is running. Never cross arms.

What should you never do when working with the band saw?

Never start the machine with stock touching blade, never reach under the table, and never perform layout or setup on the table.

What should you do prior to operating the bandsaw?

Inspect the blade before using it, to make sure it is the proper blade and is sharp and free from cracks. Never allow your fingers to get near the blade when sawing. Use a pusher stick to rip narrow pieces of stock. Don’t use pusher stick to remove scrap.

What speed should you cut metal with on a band saw?

A blade running at five thousand feet per minute is capable of taking off one or more fingers with the slightest of slip-ups. A thousand feet per minute is also a very good speed for cutting aluminum.

What are three hazards of the band saw?

►A bandsaw can be hazardous when improperly used. Incidents could include electric shock, fire, or personal injury. ► The following general precautions should be observed by band saw users: Do not use this band saw for other than its intended use.

What is the safety margin on the band saw?

a 4” margin
Maintain a 4” margin of safety! Your hands MUST be at least 4” away from the blade when the saw is running. 8. Plan ahead saw cuts to avoid backing out of curves whenever possible.

Why should you never stand to the right of a band saw?

4. Do not allow anyone (including yourself) to stand on the right side of the bandsaw while it is running. A broken blade is likely to fly in that direction.

What PPE is required for a bandsaw?

Safety glasses
PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT Safety glasses must be worn at all times in work areas. Long and loose hair must be contained. Hearing protection must be worn. Sturdy footwear must be worn at all times in work areas.

How many band saw teeth should contact the workpiece at once?

Manufacturers recommend that at least three teeth and no more than 25 always be in contact with the workpiece. Within that range, shock levels are tolerable, the pressure on each tooth is enough to ensure penetration of the workpiece, and there are enough gullets to carry away the chips produced by sawing.

What to do when saw band vibration occurs during Operation?

  When severe saw band vibration occurs during sawing operations, make these checks: (1) Check the band speed.   Saw band vibration can be caused by the selection of the incorrect band speed. (2) If the band speed is correct, the pitch of the saw blade may be incorrect.   Check the pitch of the saw blade, and select a blade of the proper pitch.

Are there different maintenance procedures for different models of Bandsaw machines?

   First Requirement Many of the maintenance procedures for the various models of bandsaw machines are similar, or the same for all models.   Some procedures, however, are specific to only one model.   You have prepared an outline covering the maintenance procedures which apply to the models of the bandsaw machine available to the Saudis.

How to use a band saw safely?

Get training on safe band saw use. Read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Always wear safety glasses when you use a band saw. They protect your sight in case pieces of stock fly off or the saw blade breaks and injures your eye.

What is the purpose of tensioning the saw band?

  It is essential that the saw band be correctly tensioned in order to obtain a maximum accuracy and cutting rate.   Band tension is applied by turning the removable handcrank (tension handle) located below the saw head. The band should be tightened to the proper tension indicated on the band tension scale mounted on the machine.

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