When was Loaded Velvet underground?

November 15, 1970
Happy 50th Anniversary to The Velvet Underground’s fourth studio album Loaded, originally released November 15, 1970. In the summer of 1970, a version of The Velvet Underground played five nights a week for a nine-week residency at New York City’s infamous nightclub Max’s Kansas City.

How long is Loaded by the Velvet underground?

Loaded is a perfect rock’n’roll record: 40 minutes long, five songs to a side, and not a single wasted note.

Who played drums on Loaded?

His lead vocals can be heard on the band’s fourth album, Loaded (1970), Yule’s role became even more prominent, singing the lead vocals on several songs on the LP (“Who Loves the Sun”, “New Age”, “Lonesome Cowboy Bill”, and “Oh! Sweet Nuthin'”), and playing six instruments (including keyboard and drums).

Who sings Oh Sweet Nuthin?

The Velvet UndergroundOh! Sweet Nuthin’ / Artist

Who sings on Loaded Velvet Underground?

The Velvet UndergroundLoaded / Artist

Did Lou Reed sing on loaded?

It was the final album recorded featuring founding member and main songwriter Lou Reed, who left shortly before its release. Other founding members Sterling Morrison and Maureen Tucker would leave in 1971….Loaded (The Velvet Underground album)

Label Cotillion
Producer Geoff Haslam, Shel Kagan, The Velvet Underground
The Velvet Underground chronology

Who sings who loves the sun?

The Velvet UndergroundWho Loves the Sun / Artist

Who played bass in Velvet Underground?

John Cale
Sterling MorrisonLarry EstridgeWalter Powers
The Velvet Underground/Bassists

Who replaced Lou Reed in Velvet Underground?

Four months previously, however, Yule had replaced Reed as frontman of The Velvet Underground, whose messy, cathartic – and sparsely-attended – set Bowie had just enjoyed.

Who loves the sun lead singer?

Doug Yule
Producer: Adrian Barber Guitar, Organ, Vocals: Doug Yule Producer: Geoffrey Haslam Guitar, Piano, Vocals: Lou Reed Drums: Moe Tucker Producer: Shel Kagan Guitar: Sterling Morrison Producer: The Velvet Underground Composer, Lyricist, Writer: Lou Reed Composer: Sterling Morrison Auto-generated by YouTube.

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