Who are the YPG fighting?

Since then, the YPG has primarily fought against ISIL, as well as on occasion fighting other Syrian rebel groups and the Turkish Armed Forces. In late 2015, the YPG became part of the SDF, an umbrella group intended to better incorporate Arabs and minorities into the war effort.

Who is YPG leader?

Mazloum Abdi
Allegiance Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (2012–present)
Service/branch Syrian Democratic Forces (2015–present) People’s Protection Units (YPG, 2011/2012–present)
Years of service 2003–present
Rank General Commander

What does YPG mean in Syria?

The YPG International or People’s Protection Units International (Kurdish: YPG Enternasyonel) is a military unit made up of foreign fighters in the Syrian Democratic Forces. It was created in December 2016 as the Antifascist International Tabûr (AIT) of the People’s Protection Units (YPG).

What religion is Kurdish peshmerga?

The Peshmerga forces are secular with a Muslim majority and Assyrian and Yazidi units.

What weapons do the YPG use?

The weapons sent to the SDF’s Kurdish Peoples’ Protection Units (YPG) include AK-47s and small-calibre machine guns, Rankine-Galloway added. US President Donald Trump earlier this month approved arming the YPG fighters, angering Turkey.

What does YPG mean in football?

Definition. YPG. Yards Per Game (football)

What does Ypj stand for?

Women’s Protection Units
Kurdish: Yekîneyên Parastina Jin (YPJ) Arabic: وحدات حماية المرأة
Flag of the YPJ
Active April 2013–present
Allegiance Kurdish Supreme Committee (2013) Rojava (2013–present) Democratic Union Party (2013–present)

Does Kurdistan have an air force?

The Kurdistan Air Force or KAF is the aviation branch of the Kurdistan Armed Forces. The KAF is headed by Air Marshal Adar Aga. Currently, the KAF has over 15 combat aircraft and 7 helicopters. The backbone of the KAF are 5 F-16’s purchased from Turkish Aerospace Industries.

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