What month do you plant iris bulbs?

Plant most irises in late summer to early fall, when nighttime temperatures remain between 40° and 50°F (4° and 10°C) or above. This gives them plenty of time to get established before the coming winter. Tall bearded iris varieties are best planted closer to fall because they tend to go dormant in early to mid-summer.

Can you plant iris bulbs anytime?

When to plant iris bulbs? To get the best results, you’d want to plant iris bulbs between late summer and early fall. Doing this will result in spring blooms. Make sure it gets at least half a day of full sun or a full day of sun for more vibrant-colored flowers.

Should I soak iris bulbs before planting?

Should I soak Iris Bulbs Before Planting? It is not a mandatory practice, but you can do it to shorten the growing time. Soak fall-planted bulbs in warm water for 12 hours before planting. Soaking allows the bulb to absorb enough water to begin growth early, which helps save 2 to 3 weeks of time.

Can I plant iris bulbs in April?

Flowers can bloom as early as February and March, or as late as August, but most varieties bloom in the spring. Iris bulbs should be planted in the fall for spring blooms.

Where is the best place to plant irises?

full sun
Where to Plant. Iris need at least a half day of sun. In extremely hot climates some shade is beneficial, but in most climates Iris do best in full sun. Be sure to provide your Iris with good drainage, planting either on a slope or in raised beds.

Can you plant iris bulbs in April?

How deep should I plant iris bulbs?

4” deep
But how deep do you plant iris bulbs exactly? Plant the bulbs in holes 4” deep and 2” – 4” apart; for larger groups, dig out a trench, position the bulbs, then replace the soil and water them well.

Should I soak iris rhizomes before planting?

It would be wise to soak iris in a diluted solution (1-9 ratios) of bleach and water for several hours or even overnight before replanting the large new healthy rhizomes. If planting in the fall when dormant, one may wish to cut back existing roots to about three inches.

What happens if you plant iris bulbs in spring?

Because you need to cut away the foliage when transplanting rhizomes, the spring is a bad time to transplant iris. Irises flower in spring, sometime between April and June depending on the cultivar, and their foliage does not begin to die back until July.

Can iris be planted in May?

Temperatures should be above 40 degrees, so the best time to plant bearded iris is July through September, notes North Carolina State University Extension. Fall planting before the first frost allows rhizomes to become established before the winter months.

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