What does the Hierophant mean in relationships?

The Hierophant Love & Relationships The Hierophant means full commitment, therefore the Hierophant in a love context is a very good sign. It is associated with traditional and solid relationships and indicates that you and your partner are on the same page about pretty much everything.

What does the Hierophant card mean in a tarot reading?

Hierophant stands for tradition and convention. It can represent marriage in an arranged setup. It can also mean a teacher or counsellor who will help in learning / education of the querent.The Hierophant / Meaning

What is a Hierophant person?

A hierophant (Ancient Greek: ἱεροφάντης) is a person who brings religious congregants into the presence of that which is deemed holy. As such, a hierophant is an interpreter of sacred mysteries and arcane principles.

What is another word for Hierophant?

What is another word for hierophant?

supporter advocate
backer exponent
proponent apostle
protagonist friend
expounder espouser

What element is the Hierophant?

EarthThe Hierophant / ElementEarth is one of the classical elements, in some systems being one of the four along with Air, Fire, and Water. Wikipedia

What is the opposite of a Hierophant?

Opposite of a person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy. critic. protestor. opponent.

What is a synonym for Hierophant?

loyalist, partisan. (also partizan), stalwart.

What is a synonym for chariot?

Synonyms of chariot

  • barouche,
  • brougham,
  • buckboard,
  • buggy,
  • cab,
  • cabriolet,
  • calash,
  • calèche.

What is the opposite of a chariot?

We have listed all the opposite words for chariot alphabetically. end. borderline. bound. boundary.

What’s another name for Archer?

In this page you can discover 28 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for archer, like: toxophilite, bowman, sagittarius, arbalester, crossbowman, william tell, longbowman, Sagittarius the Archer, trapshooter, knight and sharpe.

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