What are shield back chairs called?

The “Hepplewhite Chair”, known as the “Shield-Back” is a chair of timeless design. A classic design that has graced interiors since its inception in the 18th century, the “Hepplewhite” chair is a sophisticated and streamlined style that characteristically displays an expansive shield for the back.

Who designed the Shield back chair?

Let’s take one furniture category out of the mix: the chair. Hepplewhite’s most iconic design is the shield-back chair. Although he introduced the sideboard and small chest before the others, his chair design is his most signifiant calling card.

What is a Madrid chair?

Madrid Chair is an interactive urban furniture that allows infinite combinations. Each user/citizen can create his/her own configuration depending on the desired use of the public space (talking, resting, eating, sleeping, playing…).

What is a Victorian slipper chair?

It’s a chair with short legs that put the seat about 15 inches from the floor instead of the more normal 17 to 18 inches. That meant it was possible to bend only slightly to reach your feet to put on slippers (shoes) and stockings. The slipper chair was not made until Victorian times.

When was Eastlake furniture popular?

1870 to 1890
Although Eastlake furniture is technically considered Victorian, being popular from 1870 to 1890, it breaks away from the excessive high-relief carving, classical elements, and numerous curves of other styles produced during this time frame.

Why were Victorian chairs so low?

Style, fabrics and materials tend to dominate the evolution of furniture. But speculation is – backed up by good statistics – that we as humans were just smaller in height and therefore furniture was made to reflect that. Basically the lower we stood, the lower we sat.

How do I identify an Eastlake chair?

Below are some characteristics that can help you accurately identify Eastlake furniture.

  1. Geometric Shapes. Furniture generally has geometric shapes with squares, rectangles, diamonds, and half circles.
  2. Shallow Carvings. Most Eastlake furniture pieces have some carving.
  3. Straight Lines.
  4. Natural materials.

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