What are Jadau stones?

It is essentially a technique of jewellery-making wherein precious gemstones such as uncut diamonds, pearls, emeralds and rubies are embedded into gold. Gold is actually turned into a frame on which precious stones are studded without the use of any adhesive.

Which states belong to Jadau jewellery?

Jadau ornaments have traversed the boundaries of the princely state of Rajasthan and can be seen with every female who wants to possess something that is extraordinarily stylish, elegant, and traditional and at the same time striking. Today it can be found all over Indian towns and cities.

Is Jadau and Polki same?

A lot of people confuse jadau to be a type of stone or jewellery, but it is actually a traditional technique to create kundan or polki. So while Kundan and Polki are stones, Jadau is a technique used to make Kundan/Polki jewellery.

What is the difference between Jadau and Kundan Jewellery?

To sum up, polki is the name given to uncut, raw diamonds, Kundan is the pure gold strips that are fitted on the stones to set it and it also refers to a cheaper version of polki that uses glass instead of diamonds and Jadau is the technique by which the stones in polki or kundan jewelry are set in gold (or sometimes …

Why is jadau jewellery so expensive?

All jadau jewellery is decorated by meenakari work at the back. The complete jewellery set can take around 2 to 3 months to complete. Jadau jewellery is ONLY done in pure gold form, 22k or 24k, not less than that. And this also makes it quite an expensive form of jewellery.

Why is jadau expensive?

Jadau is a technique that engraves valuable stones like diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires into a gold frame. Jadau jewellery is solely made of pure gold, 22k or 24k, and never less. As a result, it is a fairly pricey piece of jewellery.

Does jadau have resale value?

Jadau Jewellery: Uncut diamonds (also known as old-cut diamonds or polkies) are set in a solid gold lattice with fine craftsmanship. Resale value is 80% of amount paid while purchasing.

Why is Jadau jewellery so expensive?

Does Jadau have resale value?

What is uncut diamond?

Uncut Diamonds are also called raw or rough diamonds, these are typically unpolished and unshaped stones. Uncut Diamonds are naturally mined and they vary in size. They usually have a yellow or brownish hue. Some uncut diamonds that are colorless, are extremely rare and hence priced highly.

What is Vilandi jewellery?

Founded in 2015, VILANDI is a brand of exquisite polki jewellery which boasts of intricate designs and above par workmanship. Known as the ‘Jewellery for the Royals’, the uncut, unpolished diamonds of polki have an eternal and ethereal appeal.

Why is Jadau expensive?

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