What is the relation between Athena and Kratos?

Kratos (God of War)

Relatives Athena (half-sister) Ares (half-brother) Hermes (half-brother) Hephaestus (half-brother) Hercules (half-brother) Perseus (half-brother) Persephone (half-sister/aunt) Poseidon (uncle) Hades (uncle) Hera (aunt/stepmother) Cronos (grandfather) Rhea (grandmother) Gaia (great-grandmother)

Who was Athena’s brother?

brother Ares
As Athena Promachos, she was believed to lead soldiers into battle. Athena represented the disciplined, strategic side of war, in contrast to her brother Ares, the patron of violence, bloodlust, and slaughter—”the raw force of war”.

Who is the brother of Kratos?

Deimos (Greek: Δείμος) was the younger brother of Kratos. He was abducted by Ares during his childhood to avert a prophecy about the destruction of Mount Olympus.

Are Kratos and Athena siblings?

Athena is Kratos’ half-sister. Poseidon is Kratos’ uncle. Peirithous is Kratos’ half-brother. Hades is Kratos’ uncle.

Did Athena care about Kratos?

Athena even cared greatly for Kratos: she elevated him as a god, shielded him from Olympus’ wrath, guided him on his quest, and remained his closest ally in all of the games.

Who is Kratos’s son?

It’s revealed in God of War towards the very end that Kratos’ son, who goes by Atreus, is actually the Norse god Loki. MCU fans will definitely be familiar with this character, but within Norse mythology, he is a Trickster god who is the driving force behind Ragnarok.

Is Athena the sister of Kratos?

Theseus is Kratos’ first cousin. Perseus is Kratos’ half-brother. Athena is Kratos’ half-sister. Poseidon is Kratos’ uncle.

Why was Athena mad at Kratos?

Taking the Blade of Olympus, Kratos stabbed Zeus with it repeatedly until Athena intervened. Angered by her interference, Kratos pushed her aside and struck at the fleeing Zeus. Athena threw herself in front of Zeus before he could be stabbed, and fell by Kratos’ hand. Saddened by what he had done.

How did Athena betray Kratos?

Athena attempted to stop Kratos from entering the place know as the Domain of Death, but failed as he killed Thanoatos, and lost his brother during the battle. In God of War II, she wants to stop Kratos from angering the Gods, and stop him from killing Zeus as revenge.

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