What Pokémon type has the best special defense?

Typically, Special Attacks do not make physical contact with the Pokemon, and so Special Defense absorbs or bounces these moves as much as possible.

  1. 1 Shuckle.
  2. 2 Regice.
  3. 3 Deoxys.
  4. 4 Lugia.
  5. 5 Ho-Oh.
  6. 6 Florges.
  7. 7 Goodra.
  8. 8 Registeel.

What Pokémon has the highest special def?

The 15 Pokémon with the Highest Possible Special Defense Stat

  • 8 Mega Latias.
  • 7 Probopass.
  • 6 Registeel.
  • 5 Lugia & Ho-Oh.
  • 4 Florges.
  • 3 Deoxys (Defense Form) & Primal Kyogre.
  • 2 Regice.
  • 1 Shuckle.

What Pokémon move raises special defense sharply?

Moves that Increase Special Defense

Move Effect
Acupressure Raises a Random Stat by 2 Stages
Max Quake Increases the Special Defense of the user and its allies by one stage
Quiver Dance Raises the User’s Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed by 1 Stage

Is special defense important in Pokémon?

So, basically, HP and Defense and Special Defense all have their uses and are all very important. But you need balance for a good Pokemon that can take a good few hits.

What Pokémon has the lowest special Defence?

1 Caterpie (And 6 Others): Base 20 Special Defense As of right now, base 20 is the lowest Special Defense in the game, and a small group of Pokémon tie for the record: Caterpie, Weedle, Magikarp, Igglybuff, Carvanha, Deoxys (Attack Forme) and Stonjourner.

Is aromatic mist a good move?

Effect. Aromatic Mist raises the Special Defense stat of a target ally Pokémon by one stage. In a Battle Royal, where there are no allies, it can successfully be used targeting any opposing Pokémon. It will fail if used in a Single Battle or Horde Encounter (even if used by one of the five opposing Pokémon).

Does Harden raise special defense?

Effect. Harden increases the user’s Defense stat by one stage.

Is def def better than SP?

1 Answer. The higher you pokemon’s def. the less damage it will take from other Pokemon’s physical attacks, the higher your sp. def is, the less damage it take from sp.

What does SP def do?

The Special Defense (Sp. Def) stat determines how well a Pokémon can defend against special moves. Like physical moves, special moves deal damage. The effectiveness of a special move is typically determined by the Special Attack stat of the attacking Pokémon and the Special Defense stat of the defending Pokémon.

What Pokémon has the highest HP?

That must be a lot of love because Blissey has the highest base HP stat of all Pokemon with 255. It even has the highest experience yield of all Pokemon and the greatest base Special Defense stat of all Normal-type Pokemon.

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