What is the name of constituency of Delhi?

List of constituencies

No. Name Lok Sabha constituency
1 Nerela North West Delhi
2 Burari North East Delhi
3 Timarpur North East Delhi
4 Adarsh Nagar Chandni Chowk

Who is MP of South East Delhi?

Ramesh Bidhuri of the BJP is the MP representing the constituency since 2014.

How many MLA constituency are there in Delhi?

The Delhi Legislative Assembly, also known as the Delhi Vidhan Sabha, is a unicameral legislature of the union territory of Delhi in India. At present, it consists of 70 members, directly elected from 70 constituencies.

Who is the MLA of Nagar?

Nagar (Rajasthan Assembly constituency)

Reservation None
Member of Legislative Assembly
Current MLA Wajib Ali
Party Indian National Congress

How many constituencies are there in Delhi?

New Delhi Lok Sabha constituency is one of the 7 Lok Sabha (parliamentary) constituencies in the Indian National Capital Territory of Delhi.

Who is the MP of Okhla?


Election Member Party
2009 By-election Asif Muhammad Khan Rashtriya Janata Dal
2013 Indian National Congress
2015 Amanatullah Khan Aam Aadmi Party

How many MP are in Delhi?

Delhi elects 7 members and they are directly elected by the state electorates of Delhi.

How many MLA are there in Delhi 2020?

Legislative Assembly elections were held in Delhi on 8 February 2020 to elect 70 members of the Delhi Legislative Assembly.

Who is the MLA of Sarojini Nagar Lucknow?

Sarojini Nagar (Assembly constituency)

Sarojini Nagar
Current MLA Rajeshwar Singh
Party BJP
Alliance NDA
Elected year 2022

Who is MLA of Karauli district?

Karauli (Rajasthan Assembly constituency)

Reservation None
Member of Legislative Assembly
Current MLA Lakhan Singh Meena
Party Bahujan Samaj Party

Which is the smallest constituency in India?

Lakshadweep Lok Sabha constituency is a Lok Sabha (lower house of the Indian parliament) constituency, which covers the entire area of the Union Territory of Lakshadweep in India. This seat is reserved for Scheduled Tribes. As of 2014, it is the smallest Lok Sabha constituency by number of voters.

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