How do I program my extra mouse buttons?

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  1. Click Start, and then click Control Panel.
  2. Double-click Mouse.
  3. Click the Buttons tab.
  4. Under Button Assignment, click the box for a button to which you want to assign a function, and then click the function that you want to assign to that button.
  5. Click Apply, and then click OK.
  6. Close Control Panel.

What are MMO buttons for on mouse?

An MMO mouse (aka a MOBA mouse) is a gaming mouse that has a lot of extra buttons on it. Hardware designers typically locate these extra buttons on the side of the mouse where your thumb rests. This kind of mouse is primarily for use with MMO games or MOBA games, which have a lot of buttons to press.

What mouse do MMO players use?

Best MMO Mice

MMO Mice No. of Buttons Warranty
Corsair Scimitar Gaming Mouse 17 buttons 2 years
UtechSmart MMO Gaming Mouse 16 buttons 1.5 years
Redragon LED MMO Mouse 18 buttons 1 year
UHURU Wireless Gaming Mouse 6 buttons 1 year

What are mouse button 4 and 5?

Buttons four and five are called side or thumb buttons as they are often attached to the side of the mouse and controlled with thumb activity. Windows maps forward and backward navigation to these buttons by default which you can use in web browsers and some other programs.

Are MMO mouse good?

An MMO mouse is often heavier than their FPS-oriented gaming mouse counterparts, but they also frequently have more comfortable, ergonomic shapes designed for longer play sessions.

Do I need a MMO mouse?

Obviously, you don’t need an MMO mouse to play an MMORPG. If you want a similar experience, but without the heavy frame and full keypad, check out a gaming mouse. There are many gaming mice with extra buttons that you can use to transfer your most-used keys.

How do I set up Logitech mouse buttons?

To reassign a button across all applications

  1. Using the mouse that you want to configure, start Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center.
  2. Select basic settings.
  3. Select the button that you want to reassign.
  4. In the list of the button that you want to reassign, select a command. To disable a button, select Disable this button.

What is G shift on Logitech mouse?

G Shift is a feature that you can find in Logitech gaming mice, which allows you to activate keyboard keys and macros by pressing mouse buttons. Invoking the keyboard keys and macros with the mouse increases efficiency and allows you to free up keys on your keyboard that you would otherwise use for macros.

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