How can I learn harmonic trading?

To start trading with harmonic patterns, follow these steps:

  1. Take some time to learn the theory behind harmonic patterns.
  2. Decide whether you are going to follow a bearish strategy, or a bullish strategy.
  3. Open a trading account with us and start looking for harmonic patterns in your market of choice.

Do harmonics work in trading?

The harmonic pattern success rate is very high compared to the other price patterns. Moreover, Harmonic Pattern works well in all financial markets including, forex, crypto, stock, indices, and precious metals. Within this post, you will understand how profitable Harmonic Patterns are in the financial market.

How successful are harmonic patterns?

The percentage of harmonic pattern success results for each of the harmonic patterns (Gartley, Butterfly, Crab, Bat) is over 80% for all patterns and in some cases over 90%.

What is a harmonic scanner forex?

A good harmonic scanner gives an accurate trade signal to traders as soon as a harmonic pattern appears. A good harmonic pattern scanner is also easy to read and understand. Traders also use them to detect chart and candlestick patterns. Therefore, a good harmonic scanner is one that can detect all types of patterns.

What are harmonic patterns?

Harmonic patterns are trend reversal patterns that are based on the Fibonacci extensions, retracement levels, and geometric structures. These patterns provide traders the potential reversal zone, which help to hop in reversal trades at the brink of exhaustion.

What is the most profitable harmonic pattern?

The Gartley, bat, and crab are among the most popular harmonic patterns available to technical traders.

How accurate is Gartley pattern?

Gartley Pattern 90% Accurate Strategy | Harmonic Patterns | Forex Accurate Strategy – YouTube.

Are harmonic scanners accurate?

Harmonic price patterns are precise, requiring the pattern to show movements of a particular magnitude in order for the unfolding of the pattern to provide an accurate reversal point.

Who invented harmonic trading?

Scott Carney
About Scott Carney Scott Carney, President and Founder of, has delineated a system of price pattern recognition and Fibonacci measurement techniques that comprises the Harmonic Trading approach. Scott coined the phrase Harmonic Trading in the 1990s.

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