What type of rod is best for jig fishing?

7 Best Jig Rods for Bass

  1. St. Croix Rods Mojo Bass Casting Rod.
  2. Dobyns Rods Champion XP Series. Most Stylish.
  3. G. Loomis GLX Jig & Worm Casting Rods.
  4. 4. ABU GARCIA Unisex Adult Vendetta Spinning Rod.
  5. Elite Black Series Best Jig Rod.
  6. OKUMA–6’6″ Cedros “A” Speed Jig Casting Rod.
  7. Shimano Teramar Inshore Rods.

What size rod is best for jigging?

Most slow-pitch rods run 6 to 6½ feet. For speed jigging, Wong prefers short rods—5 feet or a bit more. But for anglers using a less aggressive style than his, somewhat -longer rods might be preferred, particularly with spinning reels.

What is a football head jig good for?

It is very effective on hard bottoms covered with rock, shells, gravel and on ledges. It’s a great tool for stair stepping ledges. The wide football head (center above) positioned perpendicular to the hook works almost like a rake if fished in grass.

What is a good bladed jig rod?

When fishing bladed jigs, anglers usually prefer a longer Medium Heavy rod in the 7’3” – 7’11” range with a parabolic action. The added length helps with making long casts, clearing line for quality hooksets, and also for snapping the blade clear of vegetation.

What makes a good crankbait rod?

A good crankbait rod should have a relatively slow action. In other words, the rod should start to bend down about half way down when moderate pressure is applied to the top section. Fast action means that just the top third will bend with the same pressure.

What is a good swimbait rod?

7 Best Swimbait Rods

  1. Dobyns Rods 807MAG HSB Champion Series. Best Swimbait Rod from Dobyns Rods.
  2. G. Loomis IMX-PRO 965C SWBR Casting Rod.
  3. Okuma Guide Select Swimbait Rod.
  4. PHENIX RODS–8′ Ultra Swimbait Baitcasting Rod.
  5. Shimano Teramar Inshore Southeast Casting and Spinning Rods.
  6. Shimano SLX Baitcasting Poles.
  7. St.

What makes a good jig rod?

Re: What makes a good jig rod? Super Sensativity, 10 guides, 7-7’6″ Heavy Action Graphite rod with a ton of back bone, and a super fast tapered tip. If yer pitchin, flippen, punchin or casting heavy one tons, you need a power tool for the job to git those fish in the boat.

Can you swim a football jig?

Yes, these football jigs can be swam in very close proximity to the bottom, but the best approach is so the jigs rarely touch bottom except when YOU momentarily pause of purposely mend slack line to the jig that allows the jig to sink to seek the bottom in order so you may adjust the depth ABOVE BOTTOM at which you are …

Do football jigs stand up?

Our line of Stand-Up Football jigs mimic the defense position of a crawdad and are designed to cover water and catch those fish staging in deeper water. These baits can be used like a Carolina Rig, make long casts and just drag it back.

What rod do you use for Chatterbaits?

The best rod length for chatterbait is 7′ to 7’3”. This is the ideal length to balance optimal casting distance and accuracy, and also helps to control big fish close to cover, since it provides enough leverage for this purpose.

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