When was the last O magazine issue?

Hearst, the company that’s backed O for years, announced in mid-2020 that the publication would cease production of the print edition at the end of 2020, with its December cover being the last regular print edition.

Why is O magazine shutting down?

O Magazine is the latest in a long line of prints to go digital-only in the last few years. The print issues of the magazine are ending in order to allow more of a focus on the digital side.

What is the circulation of O magazine?

O, The Oprah Magazine

July 2012 cover of O
Editor Lucy Kaylin
Total circulation (2014) 2,395,496
First issue April 19, 2000
Final issue December 2020 (Print only)

How many issues of O magazine are there?

Oprah Winfrey dished on what the future of her 20-year-long collaboration with Hearst Magazines will look like.

Does Martha Stewart still have a magazine?

Martha Stewart Living is a home magazine that offers expert advice related to food, decorating, crafts, gardening, beauty, pets and style — that only the perfect homemaker, Martha Stewart, would approve of.

Who owns Oprah Magazine?

Hearst Magazines
O, the Oprah Magazine, former monthly American women’s magazine created by celebrity talk-show host Oprah Winfrey and published by Hearst Magazines.

What is the name of Oprah Winfrey’s magazine?

O, the Oprah Magazine

Who is the editor of O magazine?

Leigh Haber is the Books Editor for O, the Oprah Magazine, and the coordinator of Oprah’s Book Club.

Who is on the cover of Oprah magazine?

Breonna Taylor
Oprah’s ‘O Magazine’ Honors Breonna Taylor In Historic Cover : NPR. Oprah’s ‘O Magazine’ Honors Breonna Taylor In Historic Cover For the first time in its 20 year history, O Magazine has someone other than Oprah Winfrey on its cover: Breonna Taylor, who was killed in her bed by police in March.

Who owns Martha Stewart?

Marquee BrandsMartha Stewart Living Omnimedia / Parent organization

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