What does Zomg mean in texting?

oh my God
(Internet slang) An emphatic form of oh my God.

Where is Zomg from?

ZOMG is a variant of the all-too-popular acronym “OMG”, meaning “Oh My God”. ZOMG originated from the image-board 4chan.org and one of it’s members Zardoz.

What does BFB stand for?

The abbreviation BFB is widely used with the rather cruel definition “Better from Behind” to imply that someone is better looking from the back (i.e., they are surprisingly unattractive from the front).

What is HCS slang?

Slang / Jargon (7) Acronym. Definition. HCS. Hazard Communication Standard.

When did Zomg?

The exact origin of zomg is disputed, but one early use comes from a 1999 gaming Usenet group, humorously used to rev up the user’s excitement.

How do I deal with Zomg?

  1. Buy village.
  2. Build 2 MOAB Assassins and use abilities.
  3. Sell MOAB assassins and buy another 2 + use their abilities.
  4. Wait until the ZOMG is out of range of the Assassins then sell both.
  5. Build 1 more and use ability then sell.
  6. Build monkey pirates and use ability.

How many lives is a Moab?

In most games, the MOAB has 200 health and will release 4 Ceramic Bloons once popped.

What does BFB stand for BTD?

The Brutal Floating Behemoth
The Brutal Floating Behemoth, abbreviated as BFB (B.F.B. in BTD4, The Behemoth in Bloons Pop!), is a high-health blimp stronger than the Massive Ornary Air Blimp, first debuted in Bloons TD 4.

What is HCS construction?

Thank you for your letter of October 21, 1994, regarding revisions to OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard (HCS). As discussed, following are responses to your questions regarding the application of the HCS in the construction industry.

What is a head canon?

Headcanon: A sub-branch of “fanon” is actually called “headcanon.” When someone invents a piece of fanon they really believe in, it may not be accepted as a general part of fandom, but it still stays tucked away inside its creator’s brain; it thus becomes his or her personal “headcanon.”

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