What is APMP exam?

APMP Foundation-level Certification is the entry level for the APMP Certification Program. Candidates who would like to pursue a Practitioner-level Certification must begin at this level. The exam tests your knowledge of proposal and bid management best practices in 22 entry-level and early career competencies.

What does APMP stand for?


Acronym Definition
APMP Associate Project Management Professional
APMP Associate Program Manager for Procedures
APMP Automated Publications Management Program
APMP Almost Pissed My Pants

Is the APMP exam hard?

The APMP exam is certainly a tough one to pass, however, with the right dedication, hard work and preparation it is not impossible to pass it. As with any exam, knowing about the subject and knowing how to complete an exam properly are the two things that will give you the best chance of success.

What is APMP practitioner?

The APMP Practitioner OTE assesses the knowledge and skills that demonstrate proficiency in proposal and bid management based on the APMP Competency Framework and Syllabus. The APMP certification syllabus documents the knowledge and skills required of practitioners.

How much does APMP certification cost?

The cost of the test is $400 for APMP members or $600 for non-members. The APMP provides you the necessary tools to study for the exam. They offer a package that includes a study guide and a glossary that you can purchase.

How long is APMP certification?

APMP Online Training Programme Level: Beginner/Intermediate. Setting: Online/Virtual. Course Length: 12 Hours. Expected Completion Time: 1-2 Weeks.

Does APMP expire?

Certified members have two years to earn the required number of CEUs as described in the chart below. Upon completion of CEUs your certification is renewed another two years (and the count of CEUs resets to zero). CEUs must be obtained and maintained every two years.

What is APMP now called?

The Association for Project Management (APM) have recently notified providers that they are re-branding their qualifications with immediate effect. As part of this, the CTP’s APMP qualification has been renamed to PMQ.

How long is APMP certification valid?

The Certification Program is updated every 5 years.

What is the APMP qualification?

APMP is part of a suite of qualifications provided by APM in their commitment to supporting professionals throughout their career. APMP allows candidates to demonstrate an understanding of how all elements of project management interact and how their project fits into their strategic and commercial environment.

How can I become a member of APMP?

To become an APMP member, You need to follow 3 steps:

  1. Create login Id & password, select India from the list of country, fill all the information & Move to the next page.
  2. Fill all the details in demographic and move to next page.
  3. In the fees page you will find the discounted pricing of $50.

How much is the APMP Foundation exam?

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