Which is the No 1 Magazine in India?

1. India Today English. India today magazine is one of India’s leading news and current affairs magazine for more than a decade now with a total readership of 15.9 million.

What magazines do IT professionals read?

Here is a list of the most highly regarded B2B technology publications, including the topics they’re interested in, and their readership figures.

  • Alphr. Reach: 106,000,000 MUU.
  • The Register. Reach: 7,828,020 MUU.
  • Digital Arts. Reach: 3,000,000 MUU.
  • ITProPortal. Reach: 800,000 MUU.
  • Computerworld UK.
  • IT Pro.
  • The Next Web.
  • Wired.

Which is the largest selling Magazine in India?

According to the Indian Readership Survey, the English language magazine India Today was the leading Indian magazine from December 2019 to March 2020. The newspaper had the highest readership of over nine million readers followed by India Today magazine in Hindi with over six million readers during the survey period.

What are technical magazines?

Top 20 Technology Magazines & Publications

  • WIRED Magazine.
  • Computer World.
  • MIT Technology Review.
  • E Magazine.
  • Tech Advisor | Technology reviews, advice, videos, news and forums.
  • Digit Magazine.
  • Tech Briefs | Engineering solutions for design and manufacturing.
  • Innovation & Tech Today.

Which magazine is best to improve English?

Top 10 Most Popular English Magazines in India 2020

  • Forbes India Magazine :
  • Filmfare Magazine :
  • Competition Success Review :
  • Business Today :
  • Champak Magazine:
  • TIME Magazine:
  • India Today Magazine :
  • GQ Magazine :

What is a tech publication?

Technical publications contain information, such as airworthiness directives or customer service notices, from vendors, manufacturers, and regulatory agencies. Technical publications can trigger maintenance events and affect work planning forecasts.

What publications do IT managers read?

Here are 10 of them.

  • PC Magazine. PC Magazine is the quintessential resource for reviews of technology solutions from hardware to security.
  • Macworld. Macworld is a consumer magazine focused on Apple and compatible products and services.
  • Wired.
  • CIO.
  • IT Professional Magazine.
  • Harvard Business Review.
  • Forbes.
  • Fast Company.

What publications do developers read?

18 Books & Blogs Every Developer Should Read

  • The Consortium for Information and Software Quality.
  • Algorithms Illuminated.
  • Wizard Zines.
  • The DevOps Handboo.
  • Learn to Code HTML and CSS.
  • Introduction to Algorithms.
  • Poignant Guide.
  • Intercom (blog)

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