What is the function of Protoxylem?

The xylem is the vascular tissue that is responsible for the conduction of water and nutrients from the roots up to the shoots and leaves. In contrast, the phloem is the other vascular tissue and is responsible for the translocation of metabolic products in various parts of the plant.

What is the function of Metaxylem?

Both protoxylem and metaxylem are found in the primary vascular bundle, and involved in the conduction of water and minerals towards the apical shoot. They are produced by the procambium.

What is difference between Metaxylem and Protoxylem?

Protoxylem is the primary xylem that develops first during primary growth. Metaxylem is formed after the protoxylem during primary growth in the xylem. It grows before the maturation of other plant organs. It grows after the maturation of all plant organs.

What is Metaxylem vessel?

The metaxylem vessels, which usually have reticulate and pitted thickenings, mature after the surrounding organs complete their growth. In contrast to protoxylem vessels, they are not destroyed, and constitute the water-conducting tubes of the mature plant (Esau 1977).

Is Metaxylem secondary xylem?

Primary and secondary xylem Primary xylem is formed during primary growth from procambium. It includes protoxylem and metaxylem. Metaxylem develops after the protoxylem but before secondary xylem. Metaxylem has wider vessels and tracheids than protoxylem.

Which is more mature Protoxylem or Metaxylem?

Note: -The metaxylem is more mature than the protoxylem. – Protoxylem has narrow-lumen vessels, and metaxylem has broad-diameter vessels. -Endarch type of arrangement occurs in stems whereas the exarch condition occurs in the roots.

What is Endarch Protoxylem?

Endarch is a type of primary xylem arrangement in which the protoxylem occurs towards the center of the pith while metaxylem occurs towards the periphery. This type of xylem arrangement occurs in the stem of flowering plants. In comparison, exarch is another type of primary xylem development, which occurs in the root.

What does Protoxylem mean?

the first-formed xylem
Definition of protoxylem : the first-formed xylem developing from procambium and consisting of narrow cells with annular, spiral, or scalariform wall thickenings.

Is Protoxylem differentiated?

As a final stage of differentiation, both protoxylem and metaxylem tracheary elements undergo programmed cell death (PCD), resulting in a continuous system of adjoining hollow cells that function in water/solute transport.

How do tracheids conduct water?

Tracheids are the water-conducting and mechanical supporting cells of gymnosperms; water is transported longitudinally through endplates and laterally through pits (a). Angiosperm vessels function primarily to transport water and are individually shorter than tracheids (b).

Where do you find the Endarch and exarch Protoxylem?

In exarch xylem, the protoxylem is towards the periphery whereas in endarch xylem, the protoxylem is towards the centre of the axis. Exarch condition of xylem is found in roots, whereas endarch condition occurs in stems.

What is the difference between exarch and Endarch?

The main difference between endarch and exarch is that the endarch is the occurrence of protoxylem towards the center and metaxylem towards the periphery in the stem of the seed plants whereas exarch is the occurrence of protoxylem towards the periphery and metaxylem towards the center in the root of vascular plants.

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