What era are chimney sweeps from?

The professional of chimney sweeping got its start in the 16th century in England. Originally, only the ruling class in England had chimneys, and chimney sweeps had the filthy job of keeping them clean.

How old were chimney sweeps?

Master Sweeps would buy young children from orphanages and take in young homeless children from the streets. These were between the ages of 5 and 10, although most were under the age of seven, and some were even as young as four. These boys were used to climb up chimneys to clean out deposits of soot.

How long were chimney sweeps around?

The practice of chimney sweeping first began in the United Kingdom (UK) around the 1500s, but it really took off in the mid-1700s. Here’s why: Dawn of the industrial revolution in the UK. Coal (used in fireplaces at the time) was growing in production, popularity, and demand.

What were child chimney sweeps called?

The climbing boys, and sometimes girls, were technically called chimney sweeps’ apprentices, and were apprenticed to a master sweep, who, being an adult, was too large to fit into a chimney or flue.

Why did chimney sweeps wear top hats?

This story says that beginning in the 17th century, funeral directors would take pity on these poor children being forced to crawl up chimneys. To help raise both their status and their morale, they gave them the extra top hats that would have otherwise been disposed of.

Was Oliver Twist a chimney sweep?

Oliver is branded a troublemaker and is offered as an apprentice to anyone willing to take him. After narrowly escaping being bound to a chimney sweep, a very dangerous business where small boys are routinely smothered being lowered into chimneys, Oliver is apprenticed to the undertaker, Mr Sowerberry.

When were child chimney sweeps abolished?

Finding a solution In the early 1830s, as Parliament became more preoccupied generally with the exploitation of child labour, the Chimney Sweeps Act was passed in 1834 outlawing the apprenticing of any child below the age of ten. Furthermore, no child was to be actually engaged in cleaning chimneys under the age of 14.

Did chimney sweeps wear clothes?

The black attire not only proved to be practical clothing but gave the kids pride in their work. Soon enough, the tradition caught on and top hat and tails became the de facto uniform of the chimney sweeps that has stuck right into the present day as well.

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