Why did Kelly write DNA?

When asked what inspired Kelly to write DNA: ‘It was to do with Western Foreign policy. At the time we were becoming increasingly scared of terrorism. I felt that our fear meant we were in danger of over reacting and curbing our own liberties and the liberties of others.

What happens in DNA by Dennis Kelly?

It’s a play about a group of teenagers, who could be described as a ‘gang’, who have accidentally killed one of their classmates. When they realize the terrible mistake they have made, they try to cover up this crime, but inadvertently implicate an innocent man in the process.

Who was the creative team of the first production of DNA at the Dorfman Theatre?

PRODUCTION FACTS *DNA was first written by Dennis Kelly for the National Theatre Connections Programme in 2008. *It was performed in the Cottlesloe at the National Theatre, London. * Set, Costume and Video Design by Simon Daw. *The lighting was designed by Paule Constable.

What are the themes of DNA?

Key themes present in DNA by Dennis Kelly are explored using a mixture of short dramatised sequences, narration and talking head-style interviews with some of the key characters. The main themes of the play are bullying, gang membership, social responsibility, morality and leadership.

Who is Tate DNA?

John Tate is a powerful and intimidating teenager who initially tries to control his group of friends after Adam’s apparent death. Though John Tate is, at the start of the play, ostensibly the leader of the group of teens at its center, it’s clear that his leadership is already on shaky ground.

How is Cathy in DNA?

Cathy is a self-centered girl who is nonetheless desperate to please the other members of the group and prove her worth, going so far as to secure incriminating DNA from an innocent man which ties him to Adam’s disappearance.

What type of character is Phil in DNA?

An intensely quiet and inscrutable presence for the first part of the play, Phil soon emerges as a kind of mastermind once the group of teens at the center of the action finds themselves in trouble—and, because Phil’s intricate plan to cover up the murder of their schoolmate Adam saves them, the group begins looking to …

Who directed DNA by Dennis Kelly?

Sean Hollands
Note from Director, Sean Hollands. ‘I read an interview from Dennis Kelly about DNA, and he spoke about the question: do the needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few? It’s an age old question that the play doesn’t give a definitive answer to, which is one of the great things about it.

Who is Cathy in DNA?

Her role is very submissive; from early on in the play we witness that she will do as a leader requests., and she enjoys having John tates attention – ‘dont tell cathy to shut up, danny’ – before Phil takes over. Cathy is the person who finds a postman to the description Phil gives her.

What is John Tate like in DNA?

Who is Leah DNA?

Leah is a moral character and tries to reason with many of the characters. She is sensible and able to think for herself and speak her mind. However, she still falls under the leadership of Phil as she is not strong enough to alter the opinions and actions of anyone in the group.

What is Leah and Phil relationship DNA?

Phil seems to be in a relationship with Leah, though the word “relationship” is generous. Phil sits with Leah often and serves as a sounding board for her endless musings—but he often ignores her, focusing instead on preparing snacks for himself to eat while she talks.

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