How do you use disciplinary literacy in the classroom?

Another way to prepare students for disciplinary reading is to introduce and guide the reading of multiple texts on the same topic, much the way experts in history, science, or English think about and evaluate what they read across sources. The CCSS require that students learn to compare and contrast ideas in texts.

What are some disciplinary literacy strategies?

Under a disciplinary literacy approach, students use literacy to engage in goals and practices that are unique to each academic discipline. For instance, in the discipline of physical education, one goal is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and physical activi- ties are practices that help students to achieve this goal.

What is a disciplinary literacy lesson?

Content-area reading uses generic reading strategies, regardless of the text that’s being read. But disciplinary literacy is a way of approaching text with the reading strategies employed by experts in a given field — experts have specialized ways of thinking, talking, and writing.

What are the characteristics of effective disciplinary literacy instruction?

A Framework for Responsive Disciplinary Literacy Teaching.

  • 1) Creating purpose with inquiry and tasks.
  • 2) Identifying and assessing appropriate disciplinary texts.
  • 3) Modeling literate disciplinary thinking.
  • The Framework in Action.
  • What is an example of disciplinary literacy?

    Reading, writing, speaking, listening and critical thinking must be integrated into each discipline across all grades so that all students gradually build knowledge and skills toward college and career readiness.

    Why is disciplinary literacy instruction necessary?

    “Disciplinary literacy pushes students to move beyond reading, writing, listening, and viewing solely for academic purposes.” “Students learn to identify and consider the perspectives, privilege, message, and source of the texts they consume.”

    How is disciplinary literacy different from content literacy?

    “Content area literacy focuses on study skills that can be used to help students learn from subject matter specific text… whereas, disciplinary literacy emphasizes the unique tools that the experts in a discipline used to engage in the work of that discipline.”

    Why is disciplinary literacy important?

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