What is the purpose of VDF?

Vacuum Dewatered Flooring (VDF) is a special type of Flooring Technique to achieve High Strength, Longer Life, Better Finish and Faster Work. This type of floor is suitable for high abrasion & heavy traffic movement. TheVDF is a system for laying high quality concretefloor. Concrete Vacuum Dewatering System.

What is VDF in road construction?

The vehicle damage factor (VDF) is a multiplier for converting the number of commercial vehicles of different axle loads and axle configurations to the number of standard axle-load repetitions. It is defined as the equivalent number of standard axles per commercial vehicle.

Is VDF and Trimix same?

VDF flooring is also known as Vacuum Dewatered Flooring, trimix flooring, monolithic industrial flooring, or tremix flooring. VDF flooring helps to provide high strength and a longer life span to the floors. It is a fast method of laying down floors at any place.

What is the meaning of trimix concrete?

Tremix flooring is a special type of flooring mostly being done in the industrial sector. It provides better wearing and tearing properties. It is generally used for industrial purpose, where rigid surface necessary for machine foundation, light load carrier vehicle and light weight cranes.

What is the difference between VDF and IPS flooring?

Unlike IPS, a VDF floor calls for a more skilled labour with almost twice as many man hours over the same stretch….. This system raises the cost as there is machinery required, but appearance wise and strength wise the VDF (Vacuum Dewatered Floor) floor stands out……

What is the thickness of VDF flooring?

Product Specification

Service Location/City North India
Minimum Area(in sq ft) 5000 Sq ft
Other Flooring Services Epoxy, Vinyl and Sports Flooring
Material Procurement Seller
Thickness 3 inches – 25 mm

How is VDF calculated?

The VDF can easily be computed from the axle load data by the following formula, provided sufficiently large and fairly distributed sample of vehicles are included in the axle load survey. VDF = Total EAL / Number of vehicles weighed (1) Page 4 Where total EAL = ∑ No.

Where is vacuum concrete used?

The main application of vacuum concrete is hydropower plants. Vacuum concrete application is a cooling tower. The another application of vacuum concrete is on the industrial floor, cold storages, etc. Vacuum concrete is widely used in bridges of ports and harbours.

Is code a VDF?

IS 2571: Code of practice for laying in-situ cement concrete flooring.

What is difference between PCC and Trimix?

Floor slope must be maintained in PCC work, which shall be laid above the stone soling. The thickness of the PCC shall be kept at 100 mm. Trimix has to be done in the panel and each panel shall be of 3.5 meters and an appropriate steel bar shall be laid in layer two or one keeping the concrete cover of 50 mm.

What do you mean by vacuum dewatered concrete?

The vacuum dewatering process basically improves strength, durability, and other properties of concrete by reducing the water-cement ratio immediately after the mix is placed, usually in floors and other flatwork.

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