What is the average cost of Xolair?

The wholesale price of Xolair is expected to be $433 per vial. For an average sized adult that would be $433-$866/dose or approximately $10,000-$15,000 per year. However, the high cost of Xolair may be offset by reduced medical costs such as emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

How much does Xolair cost per month?

Price. A one-month supply of omalizumab will cost patients between $541 and $2,706, depending on the dosage. This price is much higher than the cost of conventional treatments for asthma.

Is there a generic Xolair?

There is currently no generic version of Xolair available. Do not confuse Xolair’s generic name, omalizumab, with a generic version of the drug. Xolair is classified with “biologic” drugs, which are governed by different laws and regulations than other medications.

How can I buy Xolair?

Can I Buy Xolair Online? The Xolair injection requires a prescription to be dispensed by a pharmacy and, as such, Xolair OTC is not available in the United States. Additionally, one cannot buy Xolair online before consulting a licensed medical provider.

How do I get approved for Xolair?

To apply, you must complete and submit the Patient Consent Form in your doctor’s office. You can also access and submit the form online. Your doctor must also complete a form called the XOLAIR Prescriber Service form.

Does Medicare pay for Xolair?

Do Medicare prescription drug plans cover Xolair? Yes. 100% of Medicare prescription drug plans cover this drug.

Is there a generic XOLAIR?

Is XOLAIR buy and Bill?

Genentech and Novartis AG have contracted with a network of authorized specialty distributors to service practices choosing to purchase XOLAIR through the buy and bill model. Customers can purchase XOLAIR through authorized specialty distributors and wholesalers that have made a commitment to product integrity.

Can you give yourself Xolair at home?

Self-injection with the XOLAIR prefilled syringe. When starting treatment XOLAIR should be given by your healthcare provider in a healthcare setting. After you’ve established your XOLAIR treatment in a doctor’s office or infusion center, your doctor will determine if you or a caregiver may inject XOLAIR.

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