What is the cheapest PRS guitar?

The PRS S2 series is the most affordable option for those who want an American made PRS guitar. These guitars are put together in the Maryland factory in a production line. They still retain that quality you’ve come to expect from the USA PRS guitars but have a more stripped-down feel to them.

Why are PRS guitars so cheap?

Manufacturing location makes the difference Manufacturers often used this strategy in combination with manufacturing guitars with lower quality parts too, which again helped keep foreign-made instruments cheaper than American-made options.

How expensive is a PRS guitar?

PRS electric guitars cost between $650 and $5000 in the USA on average. The cheapest models are in the SE-line, followed by the American-made S2 and CE lines and finally the most expensive USA Core line. The most expensive models are the PRS Ten Top guitars which start at around $4200.

Is PRS a good guitar?

For many, PRS guitars have long been the standard by which all other guitars are measured. Coveted for their extremely versatile sound, first-class quality, and impeccable good looks, PRS make some of the greatest electric guitars in the world.

Are PRS guitars Good for jazz?

PRS SE Hollowbody Standard This could be one of the best guitars for experienced players migrating to the world of jazz.

What does SE stand for in PRS guitars?

Student Edition
Where are PRS SE Guitars made? If you’re looking for a PRS guitar for less than £1000, the SE range is where you’ll find it. Standing for ‘Student Edition’, early SE models were intended for beginners and intermediates. But today, even seasoned professionals have been known to use them.

Are PRS SE worth the money?

Conclusion. The Paul Reed Smith SE Custom 24 solidbody electric guitar puts the sound, playability, and gorgeous looks of the Custom line into a more affordable instrument. The PRS SE Custom 24 is unbelievable value for money, and at this price point, there are very few guitars that can come close.

Why are American made guitars so expensive?

But, intertwined with where a guitar is made, is also what the guitar is made of. American made guitars almost always use more expensive and higher quality components than their overseas counterparts and that’s another big part of justifying the additional cost.

How much is a PRS custom?

PRS Price List & Information

PRS MODEL Description PRS List Basic Model No Options
Custom 22 12 String Glued In Neck
CE Alder Bolt-on neck 22 or 24 fret Base $2,700.00
CE Maple Top Bolt-on neck 22 or 24 fret Base $3,060.00
Swamp Ash Special Bolt On neck 22 Fret Base $3,100.00

Can PRS guitars play metal?

Most PRS guitars are made for versatility. Rock, metal, blues, light jazz – you name it. As a result, many of them are favorites of rock guitarists like Myles Kennedy, Tony Rombola, Mike Mushok, and a slew of others.

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