What is CWnd C++?

CWnd::accHitTest. Called by the framework to retrieve the child element or child object at a given point on the screen. CWnd::accLocation.

What is GetSafeHwnd?

GetSafeHwnd is simply a wrapper that checks if this is NULL, returns m_hWnd if not and NULL if it is. It won’t be any more threadsafe than m_hWnd itself. When you create a temporary CWnd*, MFC will destroy it at a point it considers safe, such as the next pass through the message loop.

What is CDialogEX?

CDialogEX is used for setting background color, background images on dialog, If you want to set background images or color then your class will be derived from CDialogEX,but keep in mind If you are using CDialaogEX then you should use method of that class like CreateEX,If you are trying to derive class from CDilaogEX …

Does MFC do data exchange?

Dialog Data Exchange (DDX) is an easy way to initialize the controls in a dialog box and gather data input by the user. Dialog Data Validation (DDV) is an easy way to validate data entry in a dialog box. It’s to be noted that DoDataExchange is never called directly, it’s called by the CWnd::UpdateData member function.

What is TCP Tahoe?

Tahoe refers to the TCP congestion control algorithm which was suggested by Van Jacobson in his paper[1]. TCP is based on a principle of ‘conservation of packets’, i.e. if the connection is running at the available bandwidth capacity then a packet is not injected into the network unless a packet is taken out as well.

What does CWND stand for?

Congestion Window
Congestion Window (cwnd) is a TCP state variable that limits the amount of data the TCP can send into the network before receiving an ACK. The Receiver Window (rwnd) is a variable that advertises the amount of data that the destination side can receive.

How do you make a modeless dialog box in VC ++?

To create a modeless dialog box, call your public constructor and then call the dialog object’s Create member function to load the dialog resource. You can call Create either during or after the constructor call. If the dialog resource has the property WS_VISIBLE, the dialog box appears immediately.

What is Tahoe and Reno?

TCP Tahoe and Reno are two forms of handling TCP congestion controls specifically when it comes to receiving 3 duplicate acks. Tahoe: handles 3 duplicate acks similar (exactly?) to receiving a timeout. It first performs a fast retransmit.

What is Tahoe and Reno in TCP?

TCP is known as a connection-oriented protocol, which ensures reliability, and is also responsible for congestion control mechanisms in the network. TCP Tahoe and TCP Reno are two techniques of TCP congestion control, these are used when the sender receives three duplicate acknowledgments.

What does RWND stand for?

The Receiver Window (rwnd) is a variable that advertises the amount of data that the destination side can receive. Together, the two variables are used to regulate data flow in TCP connections, minimize congestion, and improve network performance.

What is CWND and Ssthresh?

● cwnd – congestion window. ● Governs data transmission (with rwnd) ● SMSS == sender maximum segment size. ● On segment ACK, cwnd += SMSS. ● ssthresh – slow start threshold.

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