What is bind user in LDAP?

When an IBM Spectrum Scale™ system is configured with LDAP as the authentication method, the IBM Spectrum Scale system needs to connect to the LDAP server by using an administrative user ID and password. This administrative user is referred as bind user.

How do I bind an Active Directory user with LDAP?

Enabling LDAP for the Instance

  1. Log in to Sugar as an administrator and navigate to Admin > Password Management.
  2. Scroll down to the LDAP Support section and enable the checkbox next to “Enable LDAP Authentication”.
  3. Complete the fields with information specific to your LDAP or Active Directory account.

How do I turn off LDAP anonymous bind?

It is possible to disable anonymous binds on the 389 Directory Server instance by using LDAP tools to reset the nsslapd-allow-anonymous-access attribute.

  1. Change the nsslapd-allow-anonymous-access attribute to off.
  2. Restart the 389 Directory Server instance to load the new setting.

How do I set Active Directory to allow anonymous queries?

If you have to enable anonymous binds, you can do so.

  1. Start Adsiedit. msc (Start, Run, Adsiedit.
  2. Expand the Configuration container.
  3. Right-click CN=Directory Service and select Properties.
  4. Double-click the dSHeuristics attribute.
  5. If the value is currently , set it to 0000002.
  6. Close the ADSIEdit tool.

What is LDAP SASL Bind?

The ldap_sasl_bind() function is used to authenticate a distinguished name (DN) to a directory server using Simple Authentication Security Layer (SASL). After a connection is made to an LDAP V2 server an LDAP bind API must be called before any other LDAP APIs can be called for that connection.

Is LDAP bind secure?

An unsigned Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL) LDAP bind, which does not require signing and is unsecure. A signed SASL LDAP bind, which requires signing and is secure. LDAP over Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security, also known as an LDAPS bind, which is encrypted and secure.

What is dSHeuristics?

dSHeuristics is a Unicode string attribute. Each character in the string represents a heuristic that is used to determine the behavior of Active Directory.

What is LDAP null bind?

NULL/Anonymous Bind “The NULL bind entry allows a user to access the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) directory anonymously. An attacker could take advantage of the NULL bind entry to anonymously view files on the LDAP director.”

How do I enable anonymous access on LDAP?


  1. Open ADSI Edit.
  2. In the Configuration partition, browse to cn=Services → cn=Windows NT → cn=Directory Service .
  3. In the left pane, right-click on the Directory Service object and select Properties.
  4. Double-click on the dSHeuristics attribute.
  5. If the attribute is empty, set it with the value: 0000002.

Who is Anonymous Logon?

An anonymous login is a process that allows a user to login to a website anonymously, often by using “anonymous” as the username. In this case, the login password can be any text, but it is typically a user’s email address. Users are able to access general services or public information by using anonymous logins.

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