Who won Super Singer Junior 4?

as the winner. In the extravagant finale, the singer managed to impress the judges with his pristine singing.

Who is the winner of Super Singer Junior 2020?

Spoorthi Santosh Rao
At the conclusion of the finale, Spoorthi Santosh Rao won the Airtel Super Singer Junior 4 title and Jessica Judes won her placement as runner up of Airtel Super Singer Junior 4, ahead of the third placed finalist Haripriya, and fourth placed finalists Anushya, Srisha, and Bharath.

Who is the winner of Super 4?

Ruth Ann Toby was crowned the winner of Mazhavil Manorama Super 4 Juniors reality show! The show has had a successful run for the last 1 and half years. Mebin Martin, Badri Neeleshwaram, Nandana Manas Menon were the runners-up. The grand finale was a fabulous spectacle filled with music, dance and plenty of laughter.

Who is Super Singer 2021 winner?

Sridhar Sena
Season synopsis

Grand Finalists
Season 1 (2006)
Season 8 (2021)
Sridhar Sena Winner
Bharat K Rajesh Runner Up

Why is Priyanka not in Super Singer 8?

Priyanka, who was an anchor of the show earlier, can’t anchor any other show presently due to her contract with Vijaya TV. Thus, her return on the show for a special episode has made everyone very emotional and naturally, the little contestants are glad to have her back.

Where is super singer set?

Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Super Singer is an Indian Tamil-language reality television singing competition that is sponsored by Asian Paints for the 8 Season….Super Singer (Tamil reality show)

Super Singer
Production locations Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Running time 60 to 90 minutes
Original network Star Vijay

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