What is an H-20 load rating?

What does HS-20 traffic rating mean? This is the term used by AASHTO and ACI to describe normal MOVING traffic loading conditions up to 18-wheeler loading. This loading assumes a 16,000 lbs wheel load and therefore a 32,000 lbs axle load.

What is the HL93 Highway loading and how is it different than HS-20?

A wheel load is one-half of the axle load. A comparison of old versus new indicates that the difference is very small. The HL93 “design truck” wheel load is the same as the HS20 wheel load. The HL93 “design tandem” wheel load is 12,500 pounds compared with the “Alternate Military Load” of 12,000 pounds.

What is HS load?

The simple difference is an “H” series truck is a two-axle truck, while an “HS” series truck has multiple loaded axles (i.e. a semi-trailer vehicle). Quite simply, the number following the “H” is the gross tonnage of the design vehicle.

Is tier 22 traffic rated?

Tier 22 is specified for Driveway, parking lot and off roadway applications subject to occasional non-deliberate heavy vehicular traffic. Design load 22,500 lbs. and a minimum failure load of 33,750 lbs. Deliberate vehicular traffic installations such as streets and highways.

What is HS25?

H25/HS25 = 20,000-lb wheel load, 40,000-lb axle. Covers designed to meet the basic requirements for these loads need only be tested with a proof load to meet these minimums. If a specification requires H20/HS20 loading it simply requires a cover meet the design load of 16,000 pounds per wheel without a safety factor.

What is hl93 loading?

HL-93 is a type of theoretical vehicular loading proposed by AASHTO in 1993. It is used as the design loading for highway structures in USA and other countries where AASHTO code is followed. AASHTO HL-93 vehicular live load is a combination of three different loads, HL-93 Design Truck (formerly, HS20-44 Truck)

What is H10 load rating?

Light raffic rated covers will support up to 16,000 lbs/axle load, which is an AASHTO H10 rating.

What do you mean by HS20-44?

What does HS20-44 mean? Example of an HS truck loading: HS20-44 indicates a vehicle with a front tractor axle weighing 4 tons, a rear tractor axle weighing 16 tons, and a semi- trailer axle weighing 16 tons.

What is a Tier 15 pull box?

TIER 15: Driveway, parking lot, and off-roadway applications subject to occasional non-deliberate heavy vehicular traffic. Example: Sidewalks in residential or public areas where heavy vehicle traffic is unlikely, but may occur.

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