How often should s1 reconcile the AAA 162?

AAA-162 and AAA-095 reports are required to be turned in NLT the 10th of each month.

What is Army Perstat?

Use to report the status of the unit’s personnel.

What is the total Army family plan?

An FRG is a command-sponsored organization of Soldiers, civilian employees, Family members (immediate and extended) and volunteers belonging to a unit. FRG will provide mutual support and assistance, and a network of commu- nications among the Family members, the chain of command, and community resources.

What is a UMR army?

The Unit Manning Report, often referred to as the Unit Manning Roster is quite perhaps the most important personnel document a small unit leader can use to track the readiness of their unit. It provides both a snapshot and an in depth analysis of the personnel strength of an Army Unit.

What army regulation covers monthly reports?

AR 600-8-6 Personnel Accounting and Strength Reporting.

What is a Logstat report?

The accurate and timely submission of a logistics status (LOGSTAT) report is the cornerstone to effectively operating within the sustainment warfighting function. A sustainer’s proficiency in managing limited resources and mitigating the risks of sustainment operations depends on the capacity to forecast requirements.

What does the AFAP do?

The Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) is the Army’s process to identify and elevate the most significant quality of life issues impacting Active and Reserve Component Soldiers, Retirees, Department of Army Civilians and Families to senior leaders for action.

What are the four principles of C2?

In general, JFCs establish any of four basic command relationships to facilitate their C2 of the joint force. These include operational control (OPCON), tactical control (TACON), support, or attachment as discussed below: a. OPCON.

What is the new army portal?

The new AKO, called AKO 2.0, offers a more mobile-friendly and contemporary look and feel, modern navigation, the first-ever Army Directory linking users to Army organizations and a home page that presents information specific to military personnel, DOD civilians and contractors.

What does Sidpers stand for army?

The Army National Guard (ARNG) reached a milestone in their transition from the Standard Installation and Division Personnel Reporting System (SIDPERS) to the Integrated Personnel and Pay System – Army (IPPS-A) on Dec.

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