What is better metal halide or high pressure sodium?

Metal halide is much less efficient than high pressure sodium–MH produces much less light per watt; MH produces more glare due to the blue light component and increases adaptation time; MH more effectively shuts off melatonin production which can trigger tumor growth; MH contains more mercury within the bulbs; MH …

Are high pressure sodium lights energy efficient?

While upgrading to LED provides a lot of benefits, high pressure sodium (HPS) lamps still provide some of the most efficient lighting available. In fact, they’re roughly as efficient as LEDs in terms of their light output for each watt of energy used.

Are metal halide bulbs energy efficient?

Metal Halide lights have average efficiency (75-100 lumens/watt source efficiency). They lose out to LEDs principally because their system efficiency is much lower (<30 lumens/watt) due to all of the losses associated with omnidirectional light output and the need to redirect it to a desired area.

How much energy does a 400 watt metal halide use?

452 watts
In fact, a 400 watt MH light actually consumes 452 watts, due to the ballast factor. In actuality, the 50 400 watt lights consume 22,600 watts of power each hour, or 22.6 kilowatt hours ( kWh) of hydro each hour.

Can I replace metal halide with high pressure sodium?

The primary visual difference between them is that metal halide light is white and the light emitted from a High Pressure Sodium bulb is amber orange. These bulbs cannot be interchanged without changing their ballast, the regulating element in all light bulbs.

Is metal halide good for growing?

Metal Halide (MH) lamps typically emit a white colored light. Traditionally Metal Halide lamps have been used by indoor growers during the vegetative stage of plant growth. They are ideal for growing plants up to the flowering and fruit production stages because they mimic the spring/early summer seasonal sun.

Are LED lights better than HPS?

Essentially, we’re talking about different technologies and calling them both “HPS.” LEDs are much the same. Though they’re generally more efficient than HPS (with some clocking 2.8 µmol/joule), some LEDs are less efficient than high-quality HPS fixtures, and they give you less light.

How often should you change metal halide bulbs?

MH (Metal Halide) bulbs need to be replaced every 8 months on a 18 hour on 6 hour off cycle. MH bulbs lose 40% output in a year, so you lose around 40% yield. Problems like the light going on & off with power outages make the life of the bulb even shorter.

Is metal halide same as halogen?

The key difference between halogen and metal halide is that a halogen is a group 17 chemical element, whereas metal halide is a compound containing a metal and a halogen. Metal halides are ionic or covalent compounds of halogens.

Is Metal Halide good for growing?

How much does it cost to run a 400 watt light?

Grow Light Operating Cost

1000 watt Sodium 400 watt Halide
Cost per Month $52.80 $21.98
Initial Lumens 130000 36000
Mean Lumens 126000 28800
Mean Lumens per Watt 114 62

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