How do I use page protection in Smartforms?

In smartstyles you will find a page break option (check box) and then you can use that smartstyle for a page break in form. If you need a page break for the entire page, then you can use command option for breaking the complete page.

How do you protect a page?

For defining a folder with page protection, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click on the MAIN window.
  2. Next, enter a suitable folder name.
  3. Then add a text under the given folder.
  4. Add three lines to the text.
  5. Save and activate your Smart Form.

How do you handle page breaks in Smartforms?

Page Break in SMARTFORMS

  1. After creating a Main window -> Right click on the main window -> Create -> Flow logic -> Command.
  2. Create a LOOP and give the LOOP AT tab as T_FLIGHT INTO T_FLIGHT.
  3. Give the logic in the Program lines window. Now run the Program you have the desired output.

What is page format in smartform?

Page formats in smartforms: Defining and configuring Page format is multi-step process and often is printer specific. The process starts with defining the Page Format, but you need few more setting to actually print this page size on printer.

What is Page protection?

page protection ​Definitions and Synonyms ​noun uncountable ​computing. DEFINITIONS1. a set of software controls that prevents pages being changed by accident. Synonyms and related words. Parts of computer programs, systems or software.

What is folder in Smartforms?

In Smart Forms a folder is generally used to group different text elements into one. With this we can achieve page protection.

How do you call a second page in Smartforms?

Hi, Just create a new page , in that create a new – window ( Type MAIN ). In Page 1 – under General Attributes Tab – Assign the Next Page.

How do I show next page in Smartforms?

The Next page will be triggered only when the data overflows in main window from the first page. You need to mention the Next page field value on the page attributes of the first page(double click on the first page).

How do you create a page format in SAP ABAP?


  1. Execute Transaction code SPAD (Spool Administration)–> Full Administration and then Format Types on the Device Types tab page.
  2. To create your new format, click on the Display button beside “Format Types”
  3. On the next screen choose Change and then Create or Create using template.

How do I create a new page format in SAP ABAP?

To create new Page Format first go to change mode and then press new button. Enter name of Page Format, Orientation and Dimension of page and save. The page dimensions and orientation specified page format is just for smartform and sapscript and it do not affect any printer.

Can we create smartform without main window?

We can create a smartform without a main window. In smartform we can directly loop by right clicking on table, which gives a loop window and also we can create a window and a table line outside the main window. In table line we can give data in main area.

How do I view multiple pages in SmartForms?

Create the Form having 2 Pages….~ To Print Different Pages in Smartforms using Command ~

  1. table Loop : Loop it with First Internal Table which needs to display on first page.
  2. Table Loop: Loop it with Second Internal Table which needs to display on second page.

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