What does climb into bed mean?

To get into something, especially clothes or one’s bed. After such a long day at work, I was ready to climb into bed by about 8 o’clock.

What is meaning of climb up?

to go up or ascend, especially by using the hands and feet or feet only: to climb up a ladder. to rise slowly by or as if by continued effort: The car laboriously climbed to the top of the mountain.

Is climb up correct?

You can use the verb climb without up to mean to go up, but it’s more common and idiomatic to use “climb up”. Moreover, if you use climb down to mean to go down, it’s more appropriate to use climb up for moving up. As explained by Jasper in his comments, ‘climb on’ is also used.

What does be in bed with someone mean?

having sex in bed
phrase [verb-link PHRASE, PHRASE after verb] If you say that someone is in bed with someone else, you mean that they are having sex in bed.

What is the exact meaning of get into?

enjoying something
(get into something) ​informalto start enjoying something, or to become enthusiastic about it. You feel shy when you start your speech, but then you get into it. She’s really getting into the Internet. Synonyms and related words. To enjoy something, or to enjoy yourself.

What is another word for climb up?

In this page you can discover 6 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for climb-up, like: jump, climb, rise, go up, mount and ascend.

What is the sentence of climb up?

It was an arduous climb up the mountain. Then the line was let down again for Zeb to climb up by. The short climb up to the left of the house indicates a footpath diversion.

Why is it called sleeping with someone?

The Oxford English dictionary first listed the euphemism of sleep to mean sex as early as the 9th century. Sleeping together transitions from an innocent association to an adult sexual activity during the adolescence “awakening” period along with so many other word associations.

What I have gotten myself into meaning?

We usually say “get yourself into” when we’re talking about a surprising or difficult situation. Something that’s overwhelming. Something that’s more than you thought originally.

Are you going to run that past Peter idiom meaning?

(ditransitive, idiomatic) To bring an idea or proposal to the attention of (someone) in order to obtain their opinion.

What is the opposite word of climb up?

We have listed all the opposite words for climb up on alphabetically. alight. come down. debark. descend.

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