What is the smallest size for a utility room?

The minimum size for a utility cupboard would be around 15 square feet. This would allow for a washing machine and a tumble dryer with shelving above, depending on the dimensions of your appliances. A space of around 30 square feet would allow for a washing machine, a small amount of storage and a walkway.

How small can a utility room be UK?

‘The smallest size you can make a utility room with a sink is around 1900mm long by 1600mm wide,’ advises Findlater. ‘An ideal space is 3000mm by 3000mm, which will allow for tall storage cupboards and appliances, but it is possible to fit one into a much smaller space,’ says Edmonds.

How big does a utility room need to be UK?

around 1.8 x 2.4m
What Size Should a Utility Room Be? Close to the kitchen should be the utility room which can work fairly well at around 1.8 x 2.4m (4.32m²) as a minimum.

How do you build a small utility room?

Set a utility behind folding doors. Another great way to fit a small utility room into an open layout without partitioning off part of the space with new walls is to opt for a single line of laundry appliances plus cupboard space. Set it behind bifold doors and everything is easy to access but discreet.

How narrow can a utility room be?

‘The narrowest a utility room can be is around 1.5 metres. You need to consider that your drawers, cupboards and washing machine doors need to open fully, whilst being able to move around the room at the same time.

Should a utility room have a sink?

Often, but not always, adjacent and connected to the kitchen, utility rooms tend to include laundry appliances, work surfaces, a sink and extra storage for cleaning supplies at a minimum, but depending on space available, they can include a whole lot more than that.

Can you have a utility room with no window?

While a utility room doesn’t need a window, planning laws state that it must be ventilated. “Heat and moisture can quickly build up in a utility room, from the use of appliances such as a tumble drier and from the presence of damp laundry,” explains Steve.

Can you have a utility room without a window?

What size should a utility room be?

The minimum functional width for a utility room should be the depth of a counter or appliance (600mm-650mm) plus enough space to comfortably move around (minimum of 1 metre). The length of the room should be a minimum of two appliances or 1.2 metres.

Do you have to have a fan in a utility room?

When Does a Utility Room Need an Extractor Fan? The simple answer to this is: pretty much all the time. However, there might be some exceptions depending on your definition of a utility room.

Does a utility room have to have a sink?

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