What is first curtain electronic shutter?

EFCS in cameras stands for “Electronic First Curtain Shutter.” It means that instead of using both curtains in the shutter, the sensor itself scans the sensor to begin the exposure, and the second curtain is an actual, physical shutter curtain moving over the sensor.

How does electronic front curtain shutter work?

In the electronic front shutter curtain function, operation of the front shutter curtain is avoided through electronic control of the image sensor. Instead of mechanical operation of the front shutter curtain, the exposure is started electronically by the image sensor and finished by closing the rear shutter curtain.

What is electronic curtain shutter?

The electronic front curtain shutter function is available on newer camera models. It shortens the time lag between shutter releases and helps reduce shutter noise when taking pictures. This function can be turned on or off under the camera menu settings.

How does an electronic shutter work?

By contrast, an electronic shutter operates just by turning the sensor on and off – no moving parts required. This gives the electronic shutter two key advantages: it’s completely silent and it’s completely shake free.

Does electronic shutter affect image quality?

At fast shutter speeds (1/2000 and beyond), electronic front-curtain shutter can result in uneven exposures. Electronic shutter can prevent you from using certain menu items on some cameras. For example, on the Sony A9, you cannot use long exposure noise reduction or Bulb mode with the electronic shutter.

Does electronic shutter wear out?

No an electronic shutter doesn’t have a limited life as far as shutters go. It does have a life span as far as any electronics goes. A dSLR can have either a 100% electronic or a mixed mechanical and electronic shutter.

Which is a disadvantage of using an electronic shutter?

Electronic shutter distortion This is the most obvious disadvantage of electronic shutters, as seen in the above photo. Moving objects – cars, propellers, and even people – can look wobbly when using an electronic shutter.

What is the advantage of an electronic shutter?

Unlike mirrors or mechanical shutters, electronic shutters are capable of silent shooting as they do not generate drive noise. This advantage expands the camera’s range to decisive sporting moments and other scenes that you may have hesitated to shoot before because of shutter noise.

Should I use mechanical or electronic shutter?

Unless there is artificial light or any other moving objects, when shooting landscapes you can use electronic shutter. Street and documentary photography can do with electronic shutter as you can shoot quietly. However if there is artificial light in the scene, then switch to mechanical shutter.

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