Who is Sidney Grace?

Sydney Grace is a family-owned brand focused on creating professional quality makeup at an affordable price. These easy-to-blend eyeshadows are cruelty-free and made in the USA. The Temptalia Collaboration consists of three palettes that are each available in a Light and a Deep version.

Where are Sydney Grace eyeshadows made?

Our products are all formulated, produced, packaged and shipped from Northern California. We don’t outsource any of our items.

What size are Sydney Grace eyeshadows?

Each shadow comes in a 26mm metal pan and contains approx. 1.8 grams of product.

Is lethal cosmetics cruelty free?

Animal-friendly We exclusively test our makeup on people and they usually end up looking fabulous. We’re a PETA-certified vegan and cruelty-free brand and in 2017, we received their prestigious progress award, naming us their “most animal friendly new cosmetic brand”.

Do Sydney Grace eyeshadows fit in MAC palette?

The shadows are sold as individual pans which are the same size as an average mac eyeshadow and contain 1.8 grams of product. Sydney Grace does sell empty cardboard magnetic palettes in sizes that will fit either 9, 12, or 48 eyeshadows.

What is a metallic eyeshadow?

Metallic finishes seem to have underlying gold or silver shimmer to give a more foiled effect. They look shiny and resemble actual metal like gold, silver, foil, copper and bronze. This works well on ebony or darker skin tones.

What is Duo Chrome makeup?

Duochrome Eyeshadow. You’ve probably seen eyeshadows that shift from one color to another (like silver to black). These are definitely chromatic eyeshadows, but because they only shift between two colors, they’re called duochrome.

Where is Nabla manufactured?

“The majority of NABLA products are made in Italy, there may be some exceptions where eye and lip pencils are made in Germany and brow pencils are made in Korea.”

How do I do my eye makeup at 40?

A Makeup Artist Shares Her Foolproof Tips for the Most Flattering Makeup in Your 40s

  1. Take great care of your skin.
  2. Use a primer.
  3. Use an under eye color corrector.
  4. Avoid setting your undereyes with powder.
  5. Use your fingers.
  6. Stick to cream highlighters and bronzers.
  7. Mix cream and powder blush.

What does foiled eyeshadow mean?

The foiling method consists of mixing your eyeshadow with a makeup base such as primer or setting spray to give your shadows a metallic finish and help them really stand out. Foil eyeshadow is also perfect for those who are looking to achieve maximum color payoff and lasting color.

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