A business plan is a document that is required by investors (banks, owners, government agencies, etc.) or managers to make a decision about the start of investment and the implementation of the projects under consideration. It should disclose all relevant parties to the project.


The structure of the document will depend on the situation, but usually, it includes the following:

  • General information about the company representing the business plan.
  • Report on the financial position of the company, analysis of financial capabilities.
  • Analysis and forecast of the market.
  • Designed an organizational plan.
  • Collection and analysis of information on the number of investment costs, on the costs of materials, equipment, personnel, and other project costs.
  • Developed a financing plan.
  • Organization of a business plan.
  • Development of presentations, applications and other supporting materials for the investor.

The specific scope of work is usually determined during the first project development. With false projects often include a range of assets and liabilities not included in the standard list. For example, it could include an audit data of the company, accounting information (if an existing company is expanding), state of the market analysis, financial outlook for the entire financing period (the first 12 months are painted separately, and then on a quarterly basis), earnings prognosis each product separately ( as most often enterprises and companies produce more than one product or service ), a sales plan, risk assessment, biographical data of the company’s founder, tax calculations, and so on.

To avoid all this painstaking paperwork, you can seek the help of professionals by contacting one of the business plan writing services.

Where and how to order a business plan?

Where to buy a business plan? For this purpose you should contact a company engaged in marketing consulting, auditing and consulting activities in an auditing firm.

You can find their sites on the Internet but be careful. If you start looking for answers to the query “where to order a business plan,” you will find that not only experienced specialists, but also teachers of economic specialities, and even students, are involved in this activity. Better look for the above companies, carefully study the sites.

Well, when the site has the names of companies for which such work has already been done then you can ask them to evaluate the activities of the performers.

What should be considered?

  1. Developing a business plan is a complex, multi-step process, and the business plan itself is a complex of documents.
  2. The average size of a business plan is 50 pages.
  3. Always discuss with the investors what component should be included in your business plan, discuss obtaining additional services related to the organization of documentation.
  4. Investors really appreciate the attractiveness and prospects of the business, honest and transparent goals, accurate calculations and detailed analyses of the state of the company. Therefore, we should not allow excessive expectations, exemplary data and vague statements. Concrete is the main feature of a well-organized business plan. Provide a signed contract, a guarantee document, documents confirming certain agreements and transactions with customers and suppliers.

Before ordering a business plan, familiarize yourself with the requirements of investors, read them carefully and consider whether you are ready to follow these requirements. Choose an investor who is really interested in your offer, whose requirements are acceptable to you, read the documentation list. Only having done this analytical work, feel free to contact the consulting company.

Business planning plays a bigger role, the greater the scope of work and the desired growth. Without taking into account all the subtleties can fail due to flaws in the details. To prevent this from happening, choose only proven professionals to draw up a business plan.

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