What is a periodic sentence in literature?

Periodic sentences—A sentence not grammatically complete before the end; the opposite of a loose sentence. The idea is to throw the mind forward to the idea which will complete the meaning. This sentence arouses interest and curiosity, holds an idea in suspense before its final revelation is made.

How do you start a periodic sentence?

A periodic sentence is a complex sentence in which the main clause, or main point, occurs at the end of the sentence instead of the beginning. In the traditional grammatical approach to sentence structure, a subject and predicate occur at the beginning of the sentence forming an independent clause.

Why do we use periodic sentences?

Why are periodic sentences used?

Periodic sentences are mostly used to emphasize, to shock, or to create suspense. Periodic sentences can also be more persuasive than normal sentences as they allow a writer to put all the reasoning or evidence up front before making the final point.

What type of writing are periodic sentences most commonly included in?

The complex periodic sentence is typically used in more formal sentence construction; so, its usage is not as common today in verbal or written communication. Today this climatic style is most often seen in literature.

What is an example of a balanced sentence?

“Every man has a right to utter what he thinks truth, and every other man has a right to knock him down for it.” This is another very simple and clear example of a balanced sentence. Both clauses have the same length and word order, emphasizing the idea of truth and adding pleasing rhythm.

How do you use adulation in a sentence?

Adulation sentence example She expressed disdain at the adulation the industry gives to beauty over talent. Your strong desire for public adulation can become the single driving force in your life.

How do you write a balance statement?

A balanced sentence is a sentence made up of two parts that are roughly equal in length, importance, and grammatical structure, as in the advertising slogan for KFC: “Buy a bucket of chicken and have a barrel of fun.” In contrast with a loose sentence, a balanced sentence is composed of a paired construction on the …

What is an example of adulation?

Adulation definition Excessive flattery or admiration. The definition of adulation is intense adoration. An example of adulation may be a couple who is very much in love. Flattery; fulsome praise.

What does adulation mean?

excessive admiration or flattery
Definition of adulation : extreme or excessive admiration or flattery Celebrities often feed off the adulation of fans, but that acclaim can be fleeting and illusory.—

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