Is Penn State a Srar?

Information about Penn State’s use of a Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR) as part of the application.

Does Penn State require a transcript?

We will require a final high school transcript for students who commit to Penn State no later than July 1. The final transcript will be used to verify high school graduation and validate what the student entered in SRAR. Additionally, we can accept transcripts by mail or fax sent directly from the high school.

Can you self report SAT scores to Penn State?

In order to complete your Penn State application, we need the following materials: Application. Your Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR) Official test scores: SAT (code #2660) or ACT (code #3656)

How does Penn State calculate GPA?

A student’s grade-point average (GPA) is the weighted mean value of all grade points earned by enrollment in a course at Penn State. This calculation determined by policy 51-30, 51-50. Two grade-point averages are computed: Semester GPA: Courses completed for the specific semester.

How long does it take for Penn State to make a decision?

6-8 weeks

How long does it take for college to receive transcript?

24 to 48 hours

Can I get into Penn State with a 3.8 GPA?

If your high school grades are above the average 3.59 GPA, you have a very good chance of being admitted as Penn State accepts 76% of all applicants….Typical High School Grades.

High School GPA Freshmen Within Range Competitiveness
3.75+ 34% Good
3.50 to 3.75 31% Avg +
3.25 to 3.50 23% Avg –
3.00 to 3.25 8% Reach

What is a 78 in GPA?

The tables below show the basic percentage equivalency for the two scales.

Letter Grade % GPA Number
B+ 82-84 3.33
B 78-81 3
B- 75-77 2.67
C+ 72-74 2.33
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