How many hours a day is a full time college student?

12 hours

Do grades matter in university?

According to people/family, your grades are really important for obtaining your FIRST job as undergrad. Sorry but if you average is like 60 good luck even getting an interview unless its some crap job. RocketRobinHood wrote: Stick to a 3.0 and you’ll be fine for anything you may want to pursue after your undergrad.11

Is it better to study part time or full time?

There is no doubt one of the biggest factors in choosing part-time study over full-time is the capacity to work more often and earn more money. Full-time students often do night and weekend shift work to fit in with their busy schedule, whereas part-timers have more flexibility.

What subject is the easiest to teach?

I think history is one of the easiest subjects to teach. The material being taught has already occurred and isn’t prone to change, and in K-12 environments, it’s usually just memorization and regurgitation. Also, it’s a subject that most students will find somewhat interesting.26

What percentage of Open University students get a first?


Are university marks important?

There must be an incentive to work hard at university. Good grades provide signals to employers beyond academic excellence. A consistent pattern of high marks suggests a student is reliable and diligent, and that they perform under pressure and care about their work. Being academically smart should mean something.15

Is a 2.2 still a good degree?

Probably not, you still have a degree. It’s pretty bad though as you are competing with grads with 2:1 for good jobs. You can hustle to work on your CV and gain skills in the next few years, but opportunities would come as easily as someone with a 2:1 or 1st.

What’s the hardest grade in school?

7th Grade

Is it hard to get 70 in university?

It can be very hard depending on the subject, your natural aptitude and study habits. Most universities use a weighted average, so the majority of the mark 50–70% comes from the final year, a small amount will come from second year, and possibly 0–15% comes from first year.

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