How can I get Wes online?

It consists of three steps:

  1. Create an account and provide the information needed to submit your application.
  2. Send in your required documents. (If you are mailing them, be sure to add your reference number to the sealed envelope.
  3. Then, we verify your credentials and send the report to your chosen recipients.

How do I check my ECA report?

Use this table to find the result on your report and see what it’s equal to.

  1. Select the points system you would like to see.
  2. Enter your result in the “Filter items” field.
  3. Choose the assessment result that matches your report.
  4. The level of education for your Express Entry profile and points will show beside the result.

What is the difference between document-by-document and course-by-course evaluation?

In general, a Document-by-Document evaluation is sufficient for employment or immigration. Universities, colleges and professional licensing boards require the Course-by-Course evaluation because it contains the detailed information that they need.

How long does Wes course-by-course evaluation take?

A Document-by-Document or Course-by-Course Evaluation takes about seven (7) business days after we receive, review, and accept all your required documents and fees.

How can I get ECA?

There is a 6-step process to apply for an ECA using IQAS:

  1. Make sure you’re eligible to apply:
  2. Get your ECA Checklist.
  3. Include the following documentation:
  4. Use the IQAS Request of Academic Records form to request the transcripts.
  5. Complete the application online and receive your completed application by email.

What documents do I need to send to Wes?

Examples include: a bachelor’s degree, a certificate of accountancy, a diploma in business.) WES provides credential evaluations that verify the authenticity of your documents. Your equivalency report will help you achieve your migration goals.

Do we need to send degree certificate to Wes?

Earlier, the candidates were supposed to send degree certificates along individual mark lists to the WES either by courier or by post. Now the degree certificate and other documents which need not be attested by the university can be uploaded directly on the WES website.

What is a course-by-course evaluation?

A WES Basic Course-by-Course evaluation identifies and describes each of your credentials. It contains: A U.S. semester credit and grade equivalent for each course. A U.S. grade point average (GPA) on a 4.0 scale. A designation of the level (upper or lower) of each undergraduate course.

How do I send Wes report to Ontario colleges?

What you need to do:

  1. Select Canada for your evaluation.
  2. Select WES Standard Application.
  3. Add Ontario College Application Service as a recipient for your evaluation.
  4. Select WES Basic Course-by-Course as the evaluation type (required by OCAS).

What is the fees for ECA?

To apply for immigration to Canada, you need to get an ECA for immigration purposes from a designated organization. Each designated organization sets its own cost for an ECA. For most people, the cost is about CAN$200 plus the cost to have it delivered.

How can I get Canada PR with low Ielts score?

Many PNP streams selects and nominates eligible candidates from the Express entry pool for Canada PR even with a low IELTS score ranging between CLB 4-6. Let’s find out the best Provincial Nominee program via which you can obtain PR in Canada without IELTS score of minimum CLB 7 or above.

How do I start a Wes process?

Our Process

  1. Step 1: Submit your application and obtain your WES reference number. WES is not responsible for documents that arrive without a reference number.
  2. Step 2: Send us your documents. View Required Documents.
  3. Step 3: We create and send your report.

Which ECA is the fastest?

Fastest ECA?

  • BCIT ICES: 4 to 7 weeks.
  • WES: 7 weeks (35 business days)
  • CES: 12 weeks.
  • IQAS: 20 weeks.
  • ICAS: 25 weeks.

How can I get ECE evaluation?

To apply for a report, you will require official documents from your school or college for an accurate evaluation report to be written. Secondary and Post-Secondary (University) education will require different documents.

Can I send transcripts myself to Wes?

Can I submit the documents myself? No. WES only accepts documents in sealed envelopes that are mailed directly by the institutions themselves.

What is a credential evaluation report?

A credential evaluation compares academic and professional degrees earned in one country to academic and professional degrees earned in another. Colleges, universities, employers and governments use credential evaluations to evaluate foreign education as part of the admission or hiring process.

Which is best for ECA?

Unless they’re Doctors or Pharmacists, we usually recommend our clients use World Education Services (WES) for their ECA as they have the most efficient processing time.

What should be written in field of study in Wes?

Either fill the university name or college name, whichever is there in the list of WES. If your university is under state boards of technical education then select it else Higher Education will work. Hi Sir, I have done BCA from CCS University and my Institute name was IMS, Ghaziabad.

How do you evaluate a degree?

Credential evaluation is the way in which academic and professional degrees earned in one country are compared to those earned in another. Universities, colleges and employers around the world use credential evaluations to understand foreign education and to judge applicants for admission or employment.

What is the next step after Wes evaluation?

If you have ordered a Document-by-Document evaluation, you can log into your account and order an upgrade to obtain a Course-by-Course evaluation. If you would like to add a new credential, but your report is already complete, then you can follow the same process of logging into your account and ordering an upgrade.

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