What is the workers comp rate in Washington State?

Estimated employer rates for workers’ compensation in Washington are $1.34 per $100 in covered payroll. Your cost is based on a number of factors, including: Payroll.

What is a WC Code 8810?

Classification 8810, Clerical Office Employees, is applicable to workers who are engaged exclusively (100 percent) in clerical activities with no additional duties. In addition, clerical office employees must work in a separate area within which no work other than clerical office work is performed.

Does Washington require workers comp?

Washington State law requires all employers to provide workers’ compensation. Employers may do so either through the Department of Labor and Industries’ Industrial Insurance Program or through self-insurance.

What is NCCI job class code?

Workers’ Comp Codes and NCCI Classification. A class code is a three or four digit numerical code assigned by NCCI or a State Rating Bureau such as California’s WCIRB. Class codes are assigned to differentiate between the various job duties or scope of work performed by employees.

Who pays Washington workers comp?

All Washington workers must be covered through the State Fund or by a certified self-insured employer, unless they are subject to an exclusion listed in the next section. The information provided in this section is a summary. For a complete description of excluded employment, please see RCW 51.12. 020.

Who pays workers comp in Washington State?

Out of State Employers Working in Washington L&I requires that employers pay premium to the state when employees travel out of state for fewer than 31 days in a calendar year regardless of whether or not premium was paid out of state or not.

What is a clerical telecommuter employee?

Classification Search Phraseology: CLERICAL TELECOMMUTER EMPLOYEES – N.O.C. Footnote: This classification applies to Clerical Office Employees who work more than 50% of their time at their home or other office space away from any location of their employer.

How do I get a WC in Washington?

If you are hiring employees, you must get a workers’ compensation account by applying for or updating your state business license.

  1. If you:
  2. We will receive your application within 1 week and it will be assigned to an account manager.
  3. Your account manager will set up your policy.

Who pays workers comp in Washington state?

Employers purchase coverage through the Department of Labor & Industries (L&I). L&I manages all claims and pays benefits out of an insurance pool called the Washington State Fund. The fund is financed by premiums paid by employers and employees, not by general revenue taxes.

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