How do I search Kik?

Use this option if you know the user’s Kik username.

  1. Type a username in the search field at the top of the screen.
  2. When the user you’re looking for appears in the list below the search field, tap their username.
  3. Tap Start Chatting to send the user a message.

Why does my Kik not work?

Try to force shut the Kik app and re-opening the same again. Updating your Kik app and the operating system of your device to the latest release on your smartphone whether it is iOS, Android or Windows.

What is replacing Kik?

Top 10 Apps like Kik

  • WhatsApp.
  • Facebook Messenger.
  • Viber.
  • Line.
  • WeChat.
  • Snapchat.
  • Hangouts.
  • Tango.

Can Kik users see my real name?

Let’s take a deeper look at what Kik does with the information it requires at sign up. Kik will never share your personal information. User Name: A Kik user needs to know another Kik users username to chat with them, they can’t be found using their real name.

Is Kik dead?

In September 2019, Kik’s CEO and founder Ted Livingston, announced in a blog post that Kik Messenger would be shut down on 19 October 2019, with over 100 employees laid off.

What does the S with a check mean on Kik?

Recipient Has Blocked You Blocked Kik users will only see the ā€œSā€ receipt and nothing else. If you want to check whether you are blocked, you can try adding them to a group chat and see if that will work. If you can’t add them, then you’re blocked.

Are Kik conversations private?

Kik is actually one of the more private communication tools of its kind. It only requires an email address for verification, instead of a phone number. It also does not require verification of names or birthdays (beyond being at least 13 years of age), and much of the information sent over it cannot be traced.

Which country uses Kik the most?

the United States
Kik Monthly Active Users 7.2 million of those monthly active Kik users are in the United States alone. From the very beginning, Kik has been most popular within the US market.

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