Are bike trainer skewers universal?

COMPATIBILITY – This skewer is universally compatible with most bike trainers. But for best fit and compatibility, use it with Alpcour bike trainer stands. Fits with rear axels with a diameter of 4.92”-6.57”.

Can you use any skewer on a trainer?

If you are using the aluminum skewer (it has a black handle instead of shiny metal) on your Wahoo Kickr (or any trainer) I would highly advise you to swap to a heavy-duty steel skewer, such as this one which Wahoo sells. Stay away from lightweight titanium skewers when riding indoors as well.

How do you measure wheel skewers?

Skewer length depends on the distance between the outside faces of the dropouts, and the depth of the adjusting nut. It is easiest to measure the distance between the outer faces of the dropouts after removing the wheel.

Do bike skewers matter?

We’ve dropped a couple out-of-production skewers and added a few more, plus updating existing ones to stay current. Skewers are an often overlooked component on the bike, even though they can be a great way to reduce significant weight for a small price.

What is a skewer on a bike?

A quick release skewer is a mechanism for attaching a wheel to a bicycle. It consists of a rod threaded on one end and with a lever operated cam assembly on the other.

Do I need to use a trainer skewer?

No, using a “trainer” skewer on the road has no negative impact on your bike or safety. The skewer which comes with a trainer is mecahnically and functionally identical to the one that came on your bike, with the exception of the shape of the “heads” on the trainer skewer.

What size skewers do I need?

Skewer length: Typical front wheel spacing for road and MTB bikes is 100mm from dropout to dropout, so you will need a 100mm skewer for your front wheel.

Are all QR skewers the same size?

Generally speaking, the answer is no. Not all skewers are compatible with all quick release wheels. There are different diameters and widths of skewers. Notably, many downhill bikes have beefier skewers that are built with a much larger diameter to be more durable.

How much does a skewer weigh?

Weight: 39 grams. Rod Length: 160mm rear, 126mm front.

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