How do I know what vacuum bag to buy?

Locate the model number. This will often appear on the box or the back of the vacuum cleaner, hidden by cords and hoses. Once you have this information, contact a local store that carries vacuum cleaner bags and provide the associate with the make, model and model number of your vacuum cleaner.

Do all vacuums use the same bags?

Different vacuums have bags of different sizes. In general, any bag of the right size will probably work; however, for best results you should use the bag recommended by your vacuum manufacturer.

What kind of vacuum bags does a Kenmore Progressive use?

Compatible with Kenmore Elite, Intuition, Progressive Upright Vacuum Cleaners.

Can you empty and reuse a vacuum bag?

Note: According to the Vacuum Dealers Trade Association, always change your bags when half full and never try to empty or reuse them. Emptying and reusing a disposable bag cuts cleaning efficiency by 50 percent or more!

How old is my vacuum cleaner?

This serial number contains the EXACT manufacture date of the machine. The first number in the serial number pertains to the factory it was made at. The second and third number is the year of manufacture. The fourth and fifth numbers are the month of manufacture.

What is the difference between bagged and bagless vacuum?

A bagged vacuum cleaner works in the traditional way of using a replaceable bag as a filter to trap the dirt while allowing air to flow through the bag. Bags must be replaced when they are full. Bagless vacuum cleaners use filters to trap dirt and debris in a dirt cup or chamber that can then be emptied.

Are bagged vacuums better than bagless?

In general, bagged models tend to work more efficiently than bagless vacuum cleaners because they have an extra layer of protection for their filtration system. If someone in your household lives with allergies or asthma, it’s in your best interest to choose a model that will filter out the air as best as possible.

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