What is the best heavy duty combination lock?

Here’s a list of the best combination padlocks on the market:

  • Squire CP40 recodeable high-security long shackle combination padlock.
  • Squire SS50C stronghold steel closed shackle recodeable combination padlocks.
  • Master Lock 1175LH pro series resettable combination lock.
  • Kasp 119 high-security combination padlock.

What are the most secure combination locks?

Best Combination Lock Reviews

  • Master Lock 1535DWD Locker Lock.
  • 2-Pack ZHEGE Padlock.
  • Disecu 4-Digit Combination Lock.
  • FortLocks Gym Locker Lock.
  • Master Lock 1533TRI Locker Combination Padlock.
  • Puroma Long Shackle Combination.
  • Master Lock M175XDLF Combination Lock.
  • Dshall 4 Digit Combination Disc Padlock.

How do you break a 3 digit combination lock?


  1. Put pressure on the lock by sliding it across the bail as far as it will go.
  2. Rotate each digit until it gets very hard to move.
  3. If it gets really hard, try one more click. If it becomes easy again, just put it back to where it is hard.
  4. Keep pressure on the bail, and try moving the numbers one at a time.

What are the hardest padlock to pick?

ABUS Granitâ„¢: one of the world’s most secure padlocks with a tensile resistance of over six tonnes. Granit locks have a tensile resistance of over six tonnes, making it almost impossible for attackers to release the shackle from the lock body by force.

What is CEN rating?

THE CEN grade of a padlock stands for Central European Norm – it is a testing standard for padlocks. This is not simply a rating individual manufacturers given their own padlocks it is an independent testing body. In order for the padlock to achieve a certain CEN grade it must pass through a number of intensive tests.

Are combination locks more secure than key locks?

Since they don’t contain dials, keyed locks offer a superior level of security when compared to combination locks. Unless a thief has the key, he or she won’t be able to open it. Furthermore, keyed locks are better protected against shimming than combination locks.

Are combo locks secure?

So, yes it’s true: combination locks are less secure than keyed locks. But if you get a decent one with 4 or 5 dials and features that resist the most basic decoding techniques, then in the street, in most instances they are going to offer the same levels of protection as a decent keyed lock.

What are the different types of combination locks?


  • Multiple-dial locks. One of the simplest types of combination lock, often seen in low-security bicycle locks and in briefcases, uses several rotating discs with notches cut into them.
  • Single-dial locks.
  • Other designs.

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