What two jobs does the character Avery have in The Piano Lesson?


  • Truck.
  • Who is Lymon to Boy Willie?

    Lymon is 29 years old. He is Boy Willie’s good friend and has partnered with him in various work ventures. Lymon doesn’t talk very much, but when he does, he is disarmingly straightforward. Lymon served time on Parchman Farm for being involved in Boy Willie’s wood theft; he got shot in the stomach during the incident.

    Why does Boy Willie give up trying to sell the piano in The Piano Lesson?

    Boy Willie Charles arrives at his sister’s home in Pittsburgh determined to sell the family piano which they have inherited. He wants to buy land in Mississippi where his family was once enslaved. Berniece refuses to sell the piano, because it represents the family’s past.

    Who is Avery in The Piano Lesson?

    Avery Brown A preacher who is trying to build his congregation. Avery moves north once Berniece’s husband dies in an attempt to court Berniece. Thirty-eight years old, he is honest and ambitious, having “taken to the city like a fish to water,” and found opportunities unavailable to him in the rural South.

    What is Parchman Farm in The Piano Lesson?

    Mississippi State Penitentiary is the official name of the prison known as Parchman Farm, where Lymon, Doaker, and others in The Piano Lesson were imprisoned.

    Who could the three hobos represent?

    The three hobos seem to represent the Three Magi or wise men who are said to have witness Jesus birth. However, in Avery’s dream they are hobos, just like the hobos that make up part of the Ghosts of the Yellow Dog. Therefore, you could say that Avery’s vision blends Christianity with folk traditions.

    What does Lymon give to Bernice?

    Review for The Piano Lesson (copy)

    A B
    woman traded for the piano Mama Berniece
    What is the name of Doaker’s grandfather? Willie Boy
    Who sees Sutter’s ghost first? Doaker
    Who does Lymon want to give the bottle of perfume? Grace

    Why is Berniece downstairs?

    Berniece comes downstairs and orders them out. As Berniece is making tea, Lymon returns, looking for Willie. He is tired of one-night stands and dreams of finding the right woman. Musing on Wining Boy’s magic suit, he withdraws a bottle of perfume from his pocket and gives it to Berniece and they kiss.

    Who sees the ghost first in The Piano Lesson?

    Review for The Piano Lesson (copy)

    A B
    What is the name of Doaker’s grandfather? Willie Boy
    Who sees Sutter’s ghost first? Doaker
    Who does Lymon want to give the bottle of perfume? Grace
    Where did the Yellow Dog get its name? color of the boxcars

    Who killed Sutter in The Piano Lesson?

    the Ghosts of the Yellow Dog
    Willie asks his uncle for a celebratory drink: the Ghosts of the Yellow Dog have drowned Sutter in his own well.

    Why do Berniece and Boy Willie fight incessantly What is the origins of their conflict?

    The conflict between Berniece and Boy Willie continues throughout the play. Berniece thinks that selling the piano would be the same as selling their souls. Boy Willie, on the other hand, feels that the best way to honor the memory of his ancestors is by putting the piano to use.

    Why does Berniece want the piano?

    In The Piano Lesson by August Wilson, Berniece and Boy Willie are siblings who both want the piano that belongs to their family. Berniece wants to keep the piano because it holds their family history and it reminds her of the hard work her mother put into the piano.

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