What is the builder base in Boom Beach?

Introducing the Base Builder, a web tool that lets you build the biggest, burliest Blackguard bases you can dream up. The bases don’t cost resources, don’t have build times and are a snap to make on desktop or mobile.

What is the best Boom Beach defense?

Defensive Buildings and their Strengths and Weaknesses

Defense Strong Against…
Flamethrower Riflemen Warriors
Boom Cannons Tanks Scorchers Heavies Grenadiers Bombardiers
Rocket Launchers Riflemen Zookas Grenadiers Bombardiers
Shock Launchers Warriors rushing HQ Riflemen Zookas Grenadiers

How do I test my base in Boom Beach?

Base Testing

  1. Players can test bases built by themselves and other players.
  2. Players can test published bases by simply accessing its entry in the Gallery and clicking the “Test Base” button.

How do you beat the Black Guard?

At first the player must try to use a melee takedown after he tires himself out (like the other Towerguards) but even this will not damage his armor. Deimos will then need to hack a nearby terminal to power the kamikaze Conduit dispensers — should the Blackguard be caught in the blast, part of his armor will break.

How do I find the builder base?

How do you access it? Once you reach Town Hall 4, you are able to rebuild the boat that takes you to the Builder Base. The boat allows you to travel between the Home Village and the Builder Base.

How do you get more builders in Boom Beach?

You will be able to purchase Extra Builders from the shop once you download Boom Beach’s Optional Update. They will be available for a monthly subscription.

What is Boom Beach warships?

Warships is the secondary game mode of Boom Beach. It is unlocked at Headquarters level 10. In Warships, players battle in real time, and climb up ranks to win rewards. The gameplay of Warships is conducted over the course of seasons.

Where can I find blackguard?

Blackguard can be found at Boilprawn Shack which can be found a little to the southwest of the Academy Gate Town Site of Grace in the center of the lake in Liurnia (alternatively a little to the northwest from where you spoke to Rya).

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