What disease did Charles Spurgeon have?

Spurgeon had a long history of poor health. He was already being reported as having gout when he was 33: It was true, he said, that he had had the gout, and a very horrible pain it was; but he had had the gout in his left leg, and he had preached standing on the other.

Did Charles Spurgeon write out his sermons?

Spurgeon’s method of preaching is interesting to those of us in his trade. He would often write out his sermons in longhand, always based on a biblical text. But he never took the written text into the pulpit, but often carried no more than an outline, or even a scrap of paper.

Did Charles Spurgeon go to college?

His lack of a college degree was no hindrance to his remarkable preaching career, which began in 1850, when he was only fifteen years old. A few months after his conversion to Christianity, he began preaching at Teversham.

Do pastors suffer from depression?

More than 7 percent of clergy simultaneously experienced depression and anxiety. A number of factors were found to be powerful predictors of depression and anxiety, most notably job stress.

How do you pronounce Spurgeon?

Break ‘spurgeon’ down into sounds: [SPUR] + [JUHN] – say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can consistently produce them.

Did Charles Spurgeon use KJV?

The KJV Spurgeon Study Bible features the authorized version of the King James translation (KJV). The KJV is one of the bestselling translations of all time and captures the beauty and majesty of God’s Word for those who love the rich heritage and reverent language of this rendering of the Holy Bible.

How many times did Charles Spurgeon read Pilgrim’s Progress?

C H Spurgeon loved Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress. He tells us in this book that he had read it more than 100 times.

What does Charles Spurgeon say about prayer?

“When we cannot pray as we would, it is good to pray as we can.” “The best praying man is the man who is most believingly familiar with the promises of God. After all, prayer is nothing but taking God’s promises to him, and saying to him, “Do as thou hast said.” Prayer is the promise utilized.

Where should I start with Charles Spurgeon?

Morning and Evening: The Classic Daily Devotional. Introduction to Charles’ Life.

  • Following Christ: Losing Your Life for His Sake. Spurgeon’s Intentions.
  • Spurgeon Gems.
  • Finding Peace in Life’s Storms.
  • Spurgeon on Prayer & Spiritual Warfare.
  • The Power of Prayer in a Believer’s Life.
  • Lectures to My Students.
  • All of Grace.
  • How does the church view mental health?

    Some churches view mental illness as a moral failing for which prayer is the only treatment while others maintain active outreach programs for people with mental health conditions. Above all, find a community where you feel welcomed and loved despite your mental health condition.

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