How long does a 1 stitch facelift last?

A one stitch facelift is a generally quick procedure, taking around 45 minutes to complete. Since the one stitch facelift uses smaller incisions than the traditional facelift, the procedure is quicker and safer.

What is a one stitch lift?

The One Stitch Face Lift is a minimally invasive procedure offering Face Lift like results, but without the need to undergo major surgery and resultant prolonged recovery. It is a brief procedure performed totally under a local anaesthetic. One small incision on either side of the face is used.

How does one stitch facelift work?

The procedure uses bio-absorbable threads placed under the skin to lift and help to restore facial contours. Unlike traditional, surgical facelifts, Silhouette Soft® doesn’t require incisions or multiple stitches; a hospital stay or general anaesthetic. Very little downtime is necessary.

How much is a one stitch facelift UK?


One stitch facelift From £3700
Two Stitch “Mini Facelift” From £4600

Can you get a facelift at 35?

There is no age that is too old for a facelift. As long as you are in good general health to withstand surgery, patients of almost any age can benefit. Many plastic surgeons recommend that older patients treat the whole face by getting a brow lift or eyelid surgery at the same time as their facelift.

What is a one stitch facelift UK?

The procedure is minimally invasive as it involves just having one deep stitch on each side of the head buried in the hair line, with a dissolving skin suture, so the scarring is hidden. This procedure gives a “mini-lift” and is a compromise for those who don’t wish to undergo a full standard facelifting operation.

How much does a mini facelift cost UK?

As it uses only local anaesthetic or IV sedation, and requires no post-operative hospitalization, the cost of a Mini Facelift is significantly lower than a standard one, and is affordable by most people. The procedure costs between £3500 and £5500, depending on the number of threads used.

What is the best age for a mini facelift?

In general, good candidates for mini facelifts are men and women in their mid to late 40s up to 60s or 70s. There is not a cut-off age, per se, but instead we look at one’s overall health, mobility, and treatment goals.

How painful is a mini facelift?

Is a mini facelift painful? Whenever you have a mini or full facelift, there is some pain and discomfort that follows the procedure. With the mini facelift, there is less pain because only certain parts of the face were tightened. This pain is much less significant than those who undergo a full facelift experience.

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