Where are peerless mantles made?

‘PEERLESS’ mantles were initially produced at Manila, Philippines. The founder or first owner sold the business in 2007 to another person who in turn sold the business, lock stock and barrel to us, it’s current owner, Indo Auerlicht Manufacturing Company.

Are thorium mantles still made?

Sometime around 1990, the Coleman Company replaced the thorium in their mantles with yttrium. The yttrium mantle produces about 20% less light, but it lasts longer. According to NUREG-1717, about half of the 50 million mantles sold in the U.S. in 2000 (or thereabouts), contained thorium.

Are peerless mantles radioactive?

Many will know that some mantles, which use Thorium as their main ingredient, are radioactive, while the Peerless mantles which we stock use a different rare earth element called Yttrium which is non-radioactive.

Are thorium lantern mantles safe?

One potential cause for concern is that particles from thorium gas mantles “fall out” over time and get into the air, where they may be ingested in food or drink. These particles may also be inhaled and remain in the lungs or liver, causing long-term exposure exceeding the risk of background radiation.

Are Aladdin mantles radioactive?

The mantle, being composed of rare earth elements, is very slightly radioactive so you do not want fine particles from a broken mantle to become part of the household dust.

Are thorium mantles safe?

You have nothing to worry about. The trace amount of radioactivity in gas mantles which use thorium is extremely small.

Are Aladdin lamp mantles radioactive?

Although most people are unaware of the problem, the mantles in such lamps are actually radioactive . . . possibly enough so to threaten the health of folks who depend on them. The lantern–long a standby source of light–may pose a health threat due to radioactive danger from mantle lamps.

Do you have to pre burn mantles?

Yes, IMO you should always pre-burn followed by a burn-in as BigLew suggests.

When should I replace my lantern mantle?

Beyond replacing damaged mantles, American Gas Lamp Works recommends that you replace your mantles at least once per year. Changing your mantles annually will ensure that your lamp remains bright and fuel-efficient.

How long does an Aladdin mantle last?

about 3 months
Mantles – these are very fragile and are essential for use, so it’s good to have a couple extra on hand; last about 3 months with regular, everyday use (should last longer if you are careful). Wicks – need replaced about every 6 months on regular, everyday use, so it’s good to have a couple extra on-hand.

Do lantern mantles emit radiation?

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